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This is a combination of the mutable Air Gemini and the cardinal Water Cancer, which may have possibilites of a great relationship if the differences in them are taken care of, in this Gemini man and Cancer woman love compatibility test. The male Gemini is ruled by the planet of Mercury, also known as the Messenger of Gods, and it represents the communication involved in expressing one's ideas, thought and opinions in the day to day life. The female Cancer is ruled by the Moon itself, which deals with the unconscious state of mind along with the emotions and identifying one's true self. The Gemini zodiac sign man is sharp-witted and good with his communication skills. He is also very emotional, sensitive and contemplative in nature. The Cancer woman is also very compassionate in nature.

Your Match: Gemini Man And Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

Email address: The Gemini man and the Cancer woman will be very attracted to each other from the start, but he is too busy to offer her all the security and stability she so much needs. This is a couple in which one is rational and the other one dreamy. The Gemini man is logical and always interested in developing intellectually. Instincts and intuition are very important for a Cancer woman.

When she tries to be a little bit logical, she will start to worry too much about whether she has made the right decisions in her life. For these two to be compatible, their opposite traits need to be put to work together. The Gemini man has his ways of making women go crazy about him. When he wants to, he can be a romantic that will make any lady go crazy. And she will love him more.

In return, she will help him be more in tune with his emotions and trust his instinct. And she will be encouraged by him to take part in every new game. She will take care of him like no one has done before. With her, he can learn how to trust his feelings and instincts. This woman is moody and instinctive. She gives herself into habit often. But he will understand her, for he is dual and he also has moods sometimes.

It will be difficult for her to guess who he is every day. Cancers believe in family and a comfortable home more than in anything else. The woman in this sign will do anything, even sacrifice herself, to make sure her home is safe and her family happy. This is a tough lady on the outside, but a warm and soft lady on the inside.

When Air meets Water, the result is fog, so the combination of signs in these elements may not be the most successful one. The Cancer woman will spend a lot of her time trying to identify what mask the Twin man will put on next. Her emotions and moods may not bother him that much. They may not be that compatible because they have different values and opposite needs.

She wants her man to be loyal and offer her stability. They are two opposite characters who will only be able to make it as a couple if they love each other very much. She experiences everything deeply and seriously. The compatibility between the Cancer woman and the Gemini man is all about how they manage to establish their priorities. He only wants to explore and to learn new things. And he can be gone for more than a year.

She will be devastated by his decision. So, compromise is absolutely necessary for this relationship to work. Their marriage will be a successful one, because they complement each other. When they fight, he will be the one to make things right again. When these two are together, everything around them will be filled with love, just like in Disney fairytales.

They will hold hands and kiss tenderly. People will think they have been blessed to have found one another. But in spite of all these things, they will be together for a very long time. And they will be happy. As far as romantic and sexual relationships go, these two can be different and see things from opposite sides. If they want to have a happy union, these two need to make some adjustments in their behavior. The Gemini man will never be the slave of routine, especially if that routine is absolutely no fun.

The best thing to do in the relationship with this man is to let him be. If the Cancer woman truly understands him, she will let him be free. The woman in Cancer needs to be reassured her partner loves her. The physical contact with her needs to be passionate and deeply emotional. The Gemini man may not be able to make her feel the way she needs to. All that he wants is to see what life has planned for him next. If these two want to be a successful couple, they need to work a little bit more on their relationship.

He will be romantic and loving as soon as he feels he has all the freedom he so much craves. These two can have hot tempers sometimes. If they want to never get annoyed at one another, they need to step back and give each other some freedom and space. But for him to be better at being with the Cancer woman, he needs to be completely in love. From Impulsive To Loyal. The Cancer Woman In Love: Are You A Match?

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Relationships between a Gemini man & a Cancer woman can be difficult as the two have very different likes & needs. Learn more about how. Get free compatibility horoscope for Gemini man and Cancer woman to view their compatibility in bed and love life and relationship at

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Common sense would seem to indicate that a Gemini man and Cancer woman would not be compatible by zodiac sign. A Gemini man is talkative and a little flighty.

Gemini would go outside and have the weirdest sexual experiences, and Cancer would stay at home and wait for the night to be loved by their tender partner. This is not always the case, of course, but it is very rare for a Gemini partner to manage to relax their Cancer and make them join their sexual adventure.


As a powerful, mentally driven sign, he can struggle to be the partner or friend that the emotionally guided Cancer woman needs. In truth, the potential for compatibility will all boil down to her needs as the master of tricks and adaptation rarely remains a constant as far as desires are concerned. Any Cancer-born are right to be wary around such a character when security is what their hearts long for the most. As in most pairings involving the Gemini man, much can be thrown on his shoulders with regards to how it all ultimately plays out. His ability and desire to learn and adjust to his partner can pave the way for a wonderful relationship or a total disaster zone.

Gemini man and Cancer woman

The Gemini man is drawn to the Cancer woman because he sense that here is a woman who can take care of him, and make his life easy — freeing him to pursue his intellectual interests in his own time. Gemini man Cancer woman compatibility is a workable relationship, provided that the Gemini man remembers to offer his Cancer woman the love and respect she needs. Head Versus Heart. In many ways, this couple epitomize a battle between the head and the heart. The Gemini man is uber-rational, with many diverse interests and a tendency to analyze everything in intellectual terms. The Cancer woman, on the other hand, is a soulful creature, whose heart definitely rules her head. She is deeply emotional and will make decisions based on instinct. Logic rarely gets a look in, and when it does it only makes her worry more about making the right choice. For the Gemini man and Cancer woman, compatibility needs to forge these two very different ways of being, bringing the best of both to the partnership.

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Email address: The Gemini man and the Cancer woman will be very attracted to each other from the start, but he is too busy to offer her all the security and stability she so much needs. This is a couple in which one is rational and the other one dreamy.

Gemini Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

Share facts or witty lines about zodiac signs! Sometimes, it so happens that in the initial days of courtship, the couple seem so much in love. However, as the time passes, the disagreements and arguments start erupting. And so, one is bound to wonder, 'what went wrong', or 'why is it not working'? In most of the cases, the answer lies in the fact that the individuals belong to two incompatible astrological signs. As the basic natures of these individuals is different, there are rare chances of the relationship to work; and more chances of causing disagreements. However, these ups and downs can be avoided, if there is understanding on both parts. The Gemini man and Cancer woman love relationship is somewhat like that. Before knowing more about the compatibility, let us first take a brief look at the personality traits of the Cancer woman and the Gemini man. Cancer Woman.

Gemini Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility: Things You Need to Know

How compatible are Gemini man and Cancer woman? This is a very interesting match if done correctly. While this sounds like a fairytale, the thing that the Cancer woman will want the most is emotional security. If a Cancer woman takes the risk to be with a Gemini man, she must see him as something special. This love match is one that is a challenge between the mind and the heart. The Gemini is always analyzing and processing his thoughts and feelings through logic; whereas his Cancer woman is always processing everything via what she feels. Often what she feels will overrule what logic would provide.

Gemini Man and Cancer Woman Long-Term Compatibility





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