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As well as selling new instruments, Wilson Music Services also offers customization and modifications to the instruments you purchase. From cleaning, tuning, reed replacing or re-valving chromatics, we have the parts and expertise to restore your instrument to excellent playing condition. We now also offer service to Seydel harmonicas and have recently partnered with Brendan Power in the UK to offer service on his new Lucky 13 model. These models will only be serviced providing the slide is still usable using a 3D printed Power Comb as a replacement comb. We are very adept at servicing your older accordions, be they Hohner or other makes. We provide tuning, bellows repair, re-valving, waxing, keyboard levelling, bass repair, celluloid repair, pallet re-padding and many other repairs to both piano and diatonic button accordions.

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Hohner has been manufacturing accordions for over years. The accordion, which became a popular instrument in the s, is used in traditional music of New Orleans and Europe. To find a specific model of a Hohner accordion, online resources can be used to compare instruments or an appraisal can be purchased for a fee. Use an online resource with instrument listings such as The Find to search through photographs of Hohner accordions.

Click on the model name of an accordion to view details about each instrument. Click on each thumbnail image to view the link with a larger image. Compare the features of your accordion to those listed to find the model name. Contact a Hohner representative to find the model name of your accordion. Use the Hohner European website at hohner.

Click on the Service link located on the top left of the home page. Make a note of the contact e-mail address or phone number for a Hohner technician. Write down the serial number of your accordion, located on the back of the instrument. Take two clear photographs of the front and back of your accordion. Attach the JPEG images of the accordion to your e-mail with a description of the instrument and serial number.

A Hohner representative will respond with the model number. A fee of five euros is required for this service. Use an online resource such as the "Accordion to Andy" section of the PBase website. Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge and compare your accordion with those listed to find the model name. Contact a local music retail store and ask about appraisals for instruments such as accordions.

By getting an appraisal on your Hohner accordion, the model name, age and value can be determined. Bring your accordion to a store and ask a representative if they can recommend an expert to examine the Hohner accordion. Companies and appraisers require a fee to determine the age, model number and value of an instrument. He has a book published by Cherry Lane and his articles have appeared in "Guitarist" magazine and "Guitar One" magazine.

Warning Companies and appraisers require a fee to determine the age, model number and value of an instrument. About the Author. Related Content. How to Date a Peavey Amp. How to Determine the Age of an Accordion.

Accordions are incredibly complicated instruments and should only be repaired by seasoned professionals. However, there are easy cleaning and maintenance . Moreover, there is a Hohner accordion equivalent of the Marine Band, namely a They appear regularly on eBay, with some models dating back to the 30's.

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We receive inquiries nearly every day from people searching for information on an older accordion - usually either from a relative's estate, or that they bought from a yard sale, etc. We receive so many inquiries, in fact, that it's not possible to answer each one individually - so we direct inquiries to this article, which we hope will be helpful to those searching for information.

How to Find the Model of a Hohner Accordion

But it doesn't say Hohner anywhere, and uses Jetel instead. Did you ever hear of Hohner producing 'distributor brands'? I'd be interested to see a photo. Hohner built accordions for different distributors which were often only marked with the distributor's name. I posted some photos of other such accordions earlier, the link is in the archive list at left under 'Rebadged Hohner accordions.

Accordions and Harmonicas

Ja, Bitte! Nein Danke! Accordions are built to last. Their sturdy construction is designed to make them reliable companions for decades of playing. But even the finest accordion will begin to show signs of wear and tear after years of use. Reeds may go out of tune, keys can start to stick or the bellows could develop a crack. And if an old instrument has been in storage for a while, it might have gathered dust and require a thorough cleaning. The Hohner Service team in Trossingen specializes in restoring vintage Hohner instruments and stocks a wide range of original parts. We will be happy to recondition your beloved accordion and restore it to its former glory.

Hohner has been manufacturing accordions for over years.

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Information On Older Accordions

Some years ago the bass player in my band gave me a small Hohner accordion. I played with it a while, then put it on a shelf. The book traces the adventures of a small green button accordion as it passes from hand to hand in the USA, over more than a century. A wonderful read for musicians, and anyone. I got my accordion out. The similarlity with the harmonica is striking, the details follow. The picture shows a 10 button keyboard. This essentially means 10 holes, like a harmonica. The button accordion is diatonic, meaning that it is tuned to one key more or less. Also, like the harmonica, a different note plays for each button hole when the bellows are pushed or pulled. Just like the blow and draw on a harmonica. The single row 10 hole accordion shown here is the simplest member of the accordion family.

Hohner Accordions

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Please login or register. Welcome to the new melodeon. Author Topic: Jamie Robertson Member Offline Posts: Does anyone know where to find info on Hohner melodeon models and their ages? When did Pokerworks start being made in China? You know, I got quite the wrong idea when I saw this subject. I had just been reading a story on the BBC website about a man who became overly fond of his bicycle, you see

Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Maybe this is the most intuitive form of music making: Where is which note? It shares many of the same quality features as other Hohner three-row diatonic accordions and has double strap brackets. One learns this in short time by heart - with these instruments, one does not think about music, one simply plays it! Hohner's Panther is its most affordable 3 row accordion. Treble Buttons:

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