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A conversation between two muscle car guys can sound positively military, with all the acronyms, slang, codes, and jargon. Imagine how that sounds to others, especially younger types who may be weighing whether the muscle car hobby is the place for them. As they hear a steady stream of odd, head-scratching, and off-putting terms, perhaps too many decide to stick with collecting Star Wars action figures and Fruit Ninja video games.

In the interest of helping outsiders become insiders, of lubricating the transition from young, potential member of our hobby to actual newbie, we present the muscle car glossary: Feel free to share this list with semi-interested teenagers, smartphone addicts, gamers, skateboarders, and others who may need a small assist in warming up to our vintage iron. A-Body, etc. Manufacturers adopted letter codes to efficiently refer to car families.

These are the terms heard most often in muscle car discussions:. A-Body GM: Compacts—Duster, Demon, Dart, Swinger , etc. Mopar Full size—Fury, etc. Acid dipped. Manufacturing process to lighten batch-built race cars by dipping steel body components into a pool of acidic liquid that removes some of the steel, reducing weight. Air grabber. Air shocks.

Shock absorbers with built-in chambers for holding compressed air. Antisway bar or sway bar. A suspension component, usually on the front suspension but sometimes on both front and rear, connecting the chassis to the suspension to reduce body roll during cornering. Generally, V-8 engine families of larger size and displacement than small-blocks. Side note: Black finish used on body panels—often the hood, grilles, spoilers, and trim—to create a racy look.

Body in white A bare-bones car, sometimes just a body shell, intended to be built into a race car. Often found with exotic features not available to the public. Nickname given by designer Larry Shinoda to competition-oriented Mustangs, reportedly in tribute to his boss at Ford, Bunkie Knudsen. Small-block Boss Mustang was developed for Trans-Am racing. Also slang for something good: Build sheet. Document generated at the assembly plant showing workers what specific components to install on each car as it went down the assembly line.

It is the most detailed record of what is original to the car. Build sheets were a byproduct of assembly, not intended for the public. They were often, but not always, hidden in the car as a way for workers to get rid of them. C6 stands for , the year the transmission was introduced. The lighter-duty C4 was introduced in, you guessed it, Capscrew rods. Chambered exhaust. Renowned optional, low-restriction exhaust system available on certain and Camaro and Chevelle models, featuring straight-through mufflers and noted for aggressive, louder-than-normal sound.

Car originally built by the factory as a basic or high-volume model, later modified to resemble a more valuable and desirable model. Closed chamber. Type of combustion chamber with a quench area, a section of the flat part of the head extending over the cylinder. Closed chamber heads are usually used in higher compression engines and are thought to create greater turbulence during the compression cycle. Open chamber heads have little or no quench area, therefore less compression, and make less power.

Close ratio. Specialized type of manual transmission with gear ratios spaced more closely than normal to keep highly-tuned engines in the peak of their powerband. Wide ratio , which uses greater intervals between gear ratios. Coil spring. Spiral-shaped steel spring widely used on Ford and GM front suspensions and on some GM rear suspensions. Leaf springs , made from long, flat lengths of steel, were widely used by Ford; and Torsion Bars , made from round, straight steel rods they twisted on one end but not the other , were used extensively by Chrysler on front suspensions and on other cars as trunk springs.

In collector car circles, a concours is typically a show with the most knowledgeable and meticulous judges, where the cars that enter are typically restored to the highest levels of quality. Stylish structure covering the driveshaft tunnel in bucket-seat cars, often incorporating gauges and storage. Sometimes mispronounced like council.

Intended for building fleet vehicles, it was also used by clever dealers to spec out high-performance cars not otherwise offered by Chevrolet. Cowl induction. Cross ram. Manifold setup that mounts two four-barrel carburetors, each carb opposite the bank of cylinders it feeds. Cross bolted. Art note: Alphanumeric code that reveals when something was produced. Date codes were applied to most all parts and assemblies such as engine blocks, heads, alternators, carburetors, voltage regulators, and even tires.

Date codes are carefully checked at more stringent levels of show judging and originality verification. Muscle car modified with speed equipment correct for the period not contemporary speed equipment , as an owner might have done the day after purchase. Dealer supercar. Ultrahigh-performance car modified by a dealer to include equipment, especially engines, not available through normal channels.

Prominent superdealers included Nickey and Yenko Chevrolet, Mr. Detroit Locker. Locking differential as opposed to the more common limited-slip that was optional on Fords with very steep axle ratios designed for drag racing. Car set up for strong acceleration. A digger was geared for coming off the line hard. A Top-ender is a car set up for high top speed as opposed to maximum acceleration.

Dog dish. Nickname for basic, standard hubcaps that cover just the center of the wheel. Also called Poverty caps. Acronyms describing the placement of the cam relative to the cylinders. Double overhead cam DOHC has two camshafts, one for intake valves, one for exhaust valves in the head, directly over each bank of cylinders. Single overhead cam SOHC engines have a single cam per bank of cylinders operating both intake and exhaust valves.

Drag Pack. Ford trade name for an optional package of equipment designed for drag racing. Car not restored to high standards so it can be driven regularly without worry that the wear and tear will depreciate its value. Distributor with two sets of points. Dual-point distributors let the coil develop greater voltage and were used on many higher-option engines before electronic ignition became common. Two four-barrel carburetors. The wheels used eight lugs to secure the changeable steel rims to the finned, aluminum centers.

Four-bolt mains. The extra strength resists engine failure at high rpm. Engine blocks with four-bolt mains are considered a premium for high performance. Full tree. In drag racing, a full tree has the three amber lights on the starting line Christmas Tree light sequentially, top to bottom, prior to the green light that starts the race. A full tree is the traditional start for street classes that stock and near-stock muscle cars race in.

A Pro tree lights all three ambers at once and is used by more modified classes. Inexpensive, low-restriction muffler popular in the s, named for the fiberglass packing that provided minimal noise reduction. Popular brands were Thrush and Cherry Bomb. Gran Sport or GS. Exhaust pipes rear of the exhaust manifolds with a connecting, or balance, tube between the left and right sides to balance the pressure on each side. X-Pipe serves a similar function in an X shape.

Drag racing term for nonhandicapped racing where both cars start at the same time as practiced among muscle car drivers in the s. Developed for aviation engines during WWII, Hemi engines grew in power through the s, peaking with the production of the street Hemi in through High-rise Manifold design with taller, more vertical ports, reducing the angle the airflow must turn before entering the combustion chamber. Getting ahead of the other guy at the starting line of a dragstrip. Horseshoe shifter.

Another nickname is the Staple shifter.

Hot rod dating sites - Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a woman. Find single man in the US with footing. Looking for sympathy in. Mingle2 is one of the largest free online dating sites to make new friends, find a date, or to meet This is a list of people who tagged "hot rod's" as an interest.

Sign in. Go behind the scenes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, check out our favorite supervillains , watch the latest trailers , and more in IMDb's Superhero Guide. Grab your cape and find out more. A drag-racer enters a local championship race.

We love Fords and Mopars, too, so save the e-stamp.

For nearly a century, coming of age in America meant getting behind the wheel. To many, it was a far more important milestone than voting or legal drinking. This world, familiar to anyone who has seen American Graffiti , the paean to teen driving , was unique to the U.

American Hot Rod's Duane Mayer fell out of his Ford Coupe at 25mph drunk

Hot rodding has a long and proud history in this country dating back several decades and Australian Hot Rodder is dedicated to paying homage to the hot rodders who have helped create the wonderful hobby we all enjoy today. With every issue of Australian Hot Rodder the rich history of the hobby will come to life through the words and photographs of our small, but passionate team of writers and photographers who bring years of experience to the periodical. We will seek out the pioneers of hot rodding in this country and their cars and give them their due respect by telling their story in a way that has never been told before. But we are not just about the past, we will also pay due and proper respect to the later generations of hot rodders, including those currently building cars, who are building on the early foundations laid by our pioneers by creating great cars themselves and continuing the tradition. As well as the grand old cars that kick-started the tradition back in the post-WW2 years we will also be searching out newer cars that have been built along traditional lines. According to tradition hot rods are built to be driven and we at Australian Hot Rodder will also honour those hot rodders who have forsaken the show circuit for the long road.

These are the Top Dating Sites for Gearheads Looking for Love

The Burk Roadster hot rod, built by Dave Burk of Glen Ellyn, Illinois, illustrates one of the most impressive traits shared by hot rodders: The Burk Roadster is proof that the self-sufficient rodder is alive and well. Dave acquired fabrication skills during the ten years he worked as a mold maker for a now-defunct die manufacturer. There, he learned how to operate lathes, mills, and eventually a CNC machine. With access to these tools, Dave set out to build this '28 Ford Model A roadster in He completed the project in only four months. Dave had been a hot rod fanatic since childhood, when he saw a Model A filled with nitroglycerine blow up the monster in the movie The Giant Gila Monster. The project couldn't begin until Dave had the right parts.

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These are the Top Dating Sites for Gearheads Looking for Love

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By Hannah Parry For Dailymail. Scroll down for video. Duane Mayer had to be rushed to hospital on New Year's Day with injuries to his face and head after the incident pictured. Cops say the reality star was so drunk he had fallen out of the red Ford Coupe while it was still traveling at around 25mph in Weir Canyon in Anaheim, California. Images of the driver in hospital show Mayer, 57, with a bloody head, cuts across his face, bruises cheeks and bloodshot eyes. When officers arrived they found the classic car had crashed into the side of the road and had scratches down its sides. Duane Mayer, who appeared on American Hot Rod, had to be rushed to hospital on New Year's Day with injuries to his face and head after the incident.

Chevrolet And Hot Rodding

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Check out the most comprehensive list of car shows, rod runs and other hot rod events in the Smokies and be sure to share it with your friends! But did you know that other towns around the Smokies have lots of other car shows, too? And yes, traffic gets congested. Do what most folks do and park a lawn chair but not this kind — they are not allowed along the Parkway! You can use this type of chair , as long as the umbrella is built into the chair. Or take your time and cruise the slow lane while admiring the masterful paint jobs on these magnificent hot rods. There are also several side streets and routes around the Parkway that are much less congested during the heavy traffic weekends.

Become a member today! Our members have classic cars, muscle cars, Street Rods, Sports Cars, European cars and even a Holden from down under. Our members have cars dating from the 20s to current model years. We enjoy club BBQ's, car shows, meetings, as well as discussing and networking resources for upgrades and maintenance to our cars. We desire and welcome car owners and enthusiasts interested in many of these same activities.

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