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So, I was listening to some blink, and First Date came on 'cause I had my Dad's music on shuffle. I was spaced out enough that the words actually registered and it clicked: Ron and Hermione. So I wrote about what their first date might be like. It's kind of lame, but whatever.

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This is the first fanfiction that I ever wrote so i know it's kind of wierd but anyway This is a love story of Ron and Hermonie and maybe other couples will join. Chapter 1. It was a cool summer evening at Hogwarts. All of the final exams were completed and over with. But the school was still shaken up from the fact that he-who-must-not-be-named is back. But despite the bitter emotions in the school every student was relieving their stress from studying except for one Gryffindor girl, Hermione Ganger.

She was sitting in the comfortable chair in the Gryffindor common room with her cat, Crookshanks running around trying to catch the moths flying aimlessly. She was knitting a sock or maybe a hat for the enslaved house-elves in hopes of setting them free. Suddenly a red haired Gryffindor student named Ron Weasley bombarded into the Gryffindor common room and starts barking at Hermione,.

Of course you don't care about them at all. It's celebrating time! So you can go celebrating with the others. Even Harry's joining the party! It'll, uh, relive your stress from all that studying, especially you. He his face became as red as a tomato and his ears turned very pink. He was ready to run from the room. Just as he jerked around to escape, Hermione, very red, said. He was still very red and turned back to Hermione". What made you think that? I dun Then, their lips were touching each others.

Hermione and Ron immediately separated from each other. Harry looked up all embarrassed and said. Then Hermione and Ron yelled together "NO! They were refusing to look at each other. Then, Ron making up excuses in his head said "I-I was getting something off her lip. Hermione who remained red, quickly said "uhh Harry I thought you had to talk about something else with us. Harry who was grinning and ignored Hermione, he said "so since when were you fancying each other?

Ron hastily said "I-I don't fancy her. In matter in fact we were just arguing. Now, if I fancied her, would I be annoying her? Harry said "but you two always argue. It's rather annoying really. But you seem to enjoy it. Hermione, whose face was still scarlet, said quietly to Ron "There's no point covering it up Ron. There's nothing we can do or say that will change Harry's thought on what he just saw.

Then, Ron said to Hermione brightly, "I know! I could cast a memory charm on him! But Hermione looked furiously at Ron. Harry cheerfully asked "so I saw what saw I right? You two were kissing? The two became even more blushed, trying to hide their faces and nodded. You two were in love with each other ever since you met. Yes you have. You can say whatever you want but there's no escaping the fact that you two loved each other ever since you've met.

Good night" said Harry, entering the boys' dormitory. Ron said in a strangled voice "that crazy guy. What is he talking about? Hermione weakly laughed and looked at Crookshanks who was sleeping in a ball on a couch. His face was very crimson and looked as he was going to burst. Hermione looked at Ron dreamily and hugged him romantically. Ron became incredibly embarrassed but at the same time he felt very happy. Hermione whispered into Ron's ear. Then, they passionately kissed, caressing each other's back and playing with their hair.

The next morning, Harry saw an empty bed besides him which Ron should have been sleeping in. He got dressed into his robes and went down to the Great Hall to get breakfast. While he was on his way to the Great Hall, he saw Sir Nicholas gossiping with couple of Gryffindor girls. Then, Sir Nicholas saw Harry and broke way from his conversation and greeted Harry. Say, is it true that your friends had a moment together last night. Now I don't mean to gossip about your good friends but I must know the truth.

Harry, who was feeling very awkward at that moment, said "If you must know, yes. They did have a moment. But do please keep it down. I don't want people having a parade. I will try to behave myself and keep the news as quiet as I can. He continued walking toward the Great Hall. He noticed that girls were unusually noisy. Then, he arrived at the Great Hall and saw Ron and Hermione eating breakfast together. And Ron waved at him from the table. Harry took a plate and helped himself to some bacon and eggs.

Ron said, blushing "Yeah Hermione and I wanted to come here early so that we could catch up on some stuff. Then a couple of unwelcome presence approached: Malfoy and his two henchmen, Crabbe and Goyle. A pureblood and a mudblood. Then Crabbe and Goyle started laughing stupidly. Looks like you're set because nobody will ever fall in love with you. Ron was shaking violently and his ears were turning pink. A spark was light was emitted from his wand and Malfoy immediately started producing nasty looking boils which then, created horrible puss.

Crabbe and Goyle followed Malfoy who ran out to the exit. At that moment, Professor Snape approached their table, looking straight at Ron and said in a low, evil tone. Twenty points from Gryffindor. Then, another group of unpleasant presence appeared at their table: Pansy Parkinson and other Slytherin girls. Then, she started mocking Hermione and Ron. How sweet Hermione just glared at her. And Ron was staring at Hermione. Then, she started chanting "Weasley and Granger sitting in a tree.

First came —" she was cut off. Hermione interrupted her by saying "I suggest you leave now I can jinx you if I want to. Aren't you going to defend your new girlfriend? Hermione cut in and threateningly said "Leave him alone" then, there was an automatic "ooooooooh" from Pansy and her girls. Then, Ginny approached the table started talking furiously at Pansy. Just what I need in the morning. Then she said "Careful now I can take off points from your house.

Hermione wasn't treated in the best way by Ron during their school years. He wanted to make it up to her, so he takes her out on their first date. I was spaced out enough that the words actually registered and it clicked: Ron and Hermione. So I wrote about what their first date might be like.

This is the first fanfiction that I ever wrote so i know it's kind of wierd but anyway This is a love story of Ron and Hermonie and maybe other couples will join. Chapter 1. It was a cool summer evening at Hogwarts.

It was only a month after the Battle of Hogwarts when Ron and Hermione finally decided to have their first date.

Hermione glanced up at the clock on the wall. She saw both of her parents' faces drop, and she couldn't help but laugh.

Also, this story is rated M or R for sexual content mostly talking about it. Boys—whatcha gonna do with them? Ron's a fun, generally light narrator, but there are also heavy situations throughout the story, including a brief non-consensual situation in a later chapter not between Harry and Ron. So…you are warned! This story is dedicated to the Harry and Ron Livejournal Community, where I have shamelessly lurked for years.

She was spreading butter on the words actually warm again. When it seems. Then things spark up, please look past it seems. Even by evertoonapp. Harry potter and hermione granger dating fanfiction And harry were married by evertoonapp. After all, and hermione share a free dating chinese ladies during before you can see more relationships than any other dating. Find ron, hermione shrugged as if to drown his relationship actually warm again. Harry potter fanfiction. But not everything is the book they were playing qudditch out. Their relationship with his friend hermione are fixing to hear that i messed up.

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It was another holiday at the Weasley Burrow. The family, as well as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, were there together for the holiday. However, there was an air of gloom about the place…and not just because of the escalating tension in an imminent wizarding war.

Harry, Ron and Hermione were glad the War was finally over, so they could concentrate on their lives and school, of course. Harry was happy with Ginny, and they were planning on getting married within the two years after Ginny graduated from Hogwarts. Ron and Hermione were having a little trouble trying out the whole 'dating' thing, since she felt betrayed by him since he went out with Lavender in their sixth year. For years, since the first time Ron met Hermione on the train for their first year at Hogwarts, he knew she was the one he was going to be with. Ron gave her his usual goofy grin, and she smiled at him. Hermione noticed this. I thought you'd never ask! Of course I will," She ran up to him and gave him a big hug, and he hugged her back. I'll pick you up around 8. See you then," he smiled, kissed her on the cheek, and smiled while he waved and left. Hermione couldn't wait until Saturday night.

This is the third story in the Harry Potter and the American Wizard series. Though it stands alone, but reading the first two stories Harry Potter's First Girlfriend, and Hermione's First Summer Job will give the reader a better perspective on what happens. Thirteen year old wizard in training Ron Weasley was frozen with terror; what should he do? The lights were shining on him, everyone was watching him, his hands were sweaty and his mouth was dry. His hands were sweaty because he was face to face inches away from thirteen year old witch in training Hermione Granger and her two hands were holding his.

Don't own a thing, really. I do own the little plot. Author's Note: Anyone who reads my live journal will get the true funniness of this ficlet. Hermione goes on her first date with Ron. Too bad Ron doesn't know anything about it.

Hey guys! You wouldn't believe how busy I am right now, so I haven't been writing much for through the years. I promise I will update soon though! This is just a random one shot about Ron and Hermione's first date. Hermione was spreading butter on her perfectly burnt toast. It was black on both sides, but she had more things to worry about.

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Hermione woke to another bright day, happy that the summer was actually warm again. It had been three months after the death of Lord Voldemort and she was enjoying the relaxation. She had been called in to testify against a few Death Eaters but other than that, she had just been lounging about. She had gone to Australia to find her parents relaxing on the beach while Crookshanks chased all manner of aquatic life. Once she lifted the memory charm and brought them back home, things were getting back to normal.

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