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Want to know what is SATA cable? You must have seen a SATA cable with the seven-pin connector that connects your hard drive to the motherboard. The same cable is also used for connecting other SSD devices and carrying power to them. The cables are generally thin, and flat the connectors also follow the same design pattern.

PSU Cable Connections

Want to know what is SATA cable? You must have seen a SATA cable with the seven-pin connector that connects your hard drive to the motherboard. The same cable is also used for connecting other SSD devices and carrying power to them. The cables are generally thin, and flat the connectors also follow the same design pattern.

On the other hand, your whole computer had to be shut down if you wanted to remove a hard drive using PATA cables. And SATA cables are not compatible with some older technology and devices. In that case, you can purchase separate adapters to solve the problem. These adapters can come handy when you are transferring data from older drives to newer ones or want to wipe them completely.

SATA cables are generally used for connecting hard drives and the sort. However, if you happen to open your CPU, you will see many SATA cables which are used for supplying and distributing power to many internal devices. The types of SATA power cables have power connectors at one end and utilize the friction caused by connector bodies to stay adhered. And it has replaced the four pin Molex connectors which used to be used in older computers.

Cables differ according to the driver type and specifications of size. Sometimes you may be able to purchase a complete 22 pin SATA wire that combines the power and data connector, but they are not so flexible. Monitor power cables are sturdy and thick and provide power supply to your monitor. It has a three prong connector at one end while the other end has a standard AC power plug.

You have to connect the plug end to the power outlet while the other end connects to the monitor. It is always better to go for good quality monitor power cables as it carries a significant amount of electric current. The primary job of a SATA cable is to connect hard drives to the motherboard. However, the same type of cable is also used to power your hard drives.

Your hard drive has multiple inlet ports among which you will also find a port to connect the SATA power cable. One end of the power connector will go in your hard disk while the other is connected with the SMPS. You will generally find the wires supplied with your SMPS or hard drive, or you can also purchase them separately.

SATA hard drive power cables have replaced the older four-pin Molex connectors used in earlier times. The power cables are generally flat and thin to maximize airflow inside the CPU and lessen cable entangling. Sony PlayStation or PS4 uses a power cable similar to audio cassette players of old days. The power cables come with a double end female connector at one end and feature a standard AC plug at the other end.

You have to connect the female end to the adapter provided with your PS4 while the plug on the other end goes into the power outlet. Different brands of wires are available for your PS4, but it is wise t SATA cable o go for original or high-quality cables to protect your device. SSD or solid-state drive storage devices have many advantages over the traditional mechanical hard drives.

You can purchase external SSD drives for affordable prices, and that brings the question of the power cables. You must have great use for the USB ports on your computer but did you know they also need power? Of course, you are not going to need a separate power cable for them- the 20 or 24 pin connector cable provides the necessary electric from itself. From your USB ports, there will be a single cable coming out; this wire is divided into two connectors at the other end which you have to connect with the motherboard.

Micro USB is the mini version of USB that is ideal for connecting different devices like smartphones, cameras, and tablets to your computer. The same cable can be used to transmit data or charge your devices as per your requirement. Generally, all micro USB power cables carry a standard of 5V of the power supply. Be sure to purchase a matching connector with your device otherwise your micro USB cable may be of no use!

Older TV sets had their power supply cables built into the body, but modern devices have a separate power cable. The TV power cables resemble the monitor power cables with a standard AC plug at one end and a three-pronged or two-pronged female connector at the other end. The power connector and type may vary according to the different brands and model. Inspect the input port of your TV power supply and then buy a parallel cable for hassle-free functioning.

You may be able to find SATA cables with a different type of connectors in use. We have provided an essential guide on the major categories, and next, we will be discussing a few more SATA cables. You know that your computer or CPU will need a power source to function. Computer power cable is the main wire that supplies electricity to your computer. Cables are made the heavy duty to transmit the required wattage for your computer to work.

Some of the computer power cables are also compatible with scanners, printers, and monitors. The wires have a conductor made of metal and an outer layer of protective coating. CPU Power Cable and computer power cable is the same thing. Wires are of good quality and have thick insulation to transfer the current to your computer. Power supply cable is used for a variety of devices and provides electricity for them to function. You can use power supply cables for computers, CPUs, scanners, monitors, printers and more.

The power cable is compatible with any equipment that uses a three-pin power connector. There is a three-pronged grounded plug at one end which you need to connect to a power outlet. The other end comes fitted with a three pin female connector which is connected to your device. The power supplies cable has a conductor which is generally made of aluminum or copper.

The outer is layer is formed of a protective coating which covers the entire length. Check the connector of your device or read the user manual to determine which type of power supply cable connector you need. We have given you an excellent course on SATA cables and different types of power supply cables. Now the time has come to take things another step further in the next chapter. Then you will see a 1. There is another detachable AC power cord which is around 1.

The other end of this cable is connected to the — V power adapter. So you can separately purchase the AC power cable though Microsoft recommends using only genuine replacements. Most noteworthy, the connector plug which goes into the electric outlet on your wall can differ according to electrical standards of different countries. Cells fit into your walls effortlessly, and you can run the power cables through the tubing from the power outlet to your device.

And the result is a neat and clean wall with a perfect working electrical system. In-wall power cord and cable kit. AC power cables are used for transmitting AC to compatible devices. Remember the discussion we had about Computer and CPU power cords? Cables come with a 3 point female connector which connects to your device. Xbox has a similar power adapter like Xbox one. And the adapter connects with a DC power cable that directly plugs into your Xbox You will also find another AC power cable that goes into the power outlet in your wall supplying electricity to the adapter.

Porter is a leading American power tool manufacturer who sells different types of equipment to get your electrical tasks done. Tools are heavy duty and feature high-quality motors and parts. You can get small drillers, circular saws, reciprocating saws, flashlights, compressor- anything and everything you need to install your cables and wires.

The instruments run on lithium-ion batteries which retain a charge for a long time. Power over Ethernet or PoE cables is used to transmit data and electricity over a network to devices such as computing systems, VoIP phones, and security cameras. Same power cable carries both the data and electricity to any device connected to the Ethernet network. The setup can also be done for wireless networks using a PoE splitter and power cable hooked to a wireless access point.

PoE cable is the same Ethernet cable with twisted pair cabling. After reading the guide, you must be wondering how to purchase SATA cables and the related considerations. We will cover the topic for your convenience in the next chapter. If you are unable to find a SATA cable matching your preferences or need a custom one, we can help you out. We can create custom SATA and power supply cables that match your device or equipment for both residential and commercial purposes.

So, please get in touch with us today for more information. Now, you have become an expert on the topic of SATA cables and will find no problem in handling your cable requirements. Maybe you can even help your friends out with their cable installations,and to get custom cables of different types including SATA cables from us for your home and office needs. Consequently, contact us to get a complete overview of our products and to find out what we can do for you!

I am a responsible, intelligent and experienced business professional with an extensive background in the electronics industry. Reach me at sales wiringo. Take action! SATA Cable: By Lisa March 16, Exclusive Bonus: Need a custom harness? If you want to learn about SATA cable, this article will be the best guide.

Check out this DIY tutorial explaining how to properly install a power supply unit into a personal computer Close up of power supply being unplugged/plugged in to opened desktop computer Connect Power to Devices. Next, you have to connect the internal power cables from your new power supply to the rest of your computer. Plug the pin power connector.

This wikiHow teaches you how to install a power supply for a Windows desktop computer. The power supply is what facilitates the flow of power from an electrical source to the other components of the computer. Keep in mind that if your computer came pre-assembled, you don't need to install the power supply, though you may eventually need to replace it. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

A good power supply serves as the cornerstone for a low-maintenance and highly reliable computer. But more often than not, boxed, pre-built desktops ship with the cheapest power supplies that meet the criteria of their product warranties.

There are a lot of different Power Supply connectors out there. Luckily they are designed in such a way that you cannot go wrong when installing them.

Replace your PC's heart: How to install a power supply in your computer

This guide was developed to instruct readers on the proper procedures for installing a power supply unit PSU into a desktop computer case. It includes step-by-step instructions with photographs for the physical installation of the PSU into a computer case. As a result, it is generally not possible to buy a replacement power supply and install it into these systems. If your power supply is having problems, you will likely need to contact the manufacturer for repairs. All power supplies contain various capacitors inside of them that retain power even after the power supply had all power turned off.

Connect two or more power supplies easily and safely!

The next step is installing a power supply and hooking up power to the motherboard. Included with your computer power supply should be at least 4 screws, sometimes more. These are what will hold the power supply in place. If it didn't come with screws, borrow a few from the bag of screws that came with the motherboard. You will always end up with extra screws. I put them in a small bag and store them with the rest of the component materials in a small box. Optional If your computer power supply and motherboard came with a 2X ATX power connection, you should connect that now as well. These are higher end CPU's, so most setups will not use this. See label "E" on the motherboard diagram for the location of this connection.

Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Choosing the right power supply is essential for making sure your PC runs well.

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Replace your PC's heart: How to install a power supply in your computer

There are three connections to be made. There is the 8-pin power connector shown circled in yellow at the top-center of the picture, the pin power connector shown circled in yellow at the bottom-center of the picture, and the 3-pin power supply exhaust fan connector shown circled in yellow at the bottom-left of the picture. Parts List. Computer Case and Power Supply. RAM - System Memory. Video Card. Keyboard and Mouse. Hard Drive. DVD RW. Install the Processor onto the Motherboard. Install the CPU Cooler. Install the Motherboard into the Computer Case.

12V/5V Power Supply Hookup Guide

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Replace your PC's heart: How to install a power supply in your computer

Check your motherboard box for the following items in addition to the board itself. Tools you need for building a PC: Screwdriver and screws of various sizes. Note the 2 triangle marks, one should be on the bottom-left corner of the socket and the other should be on the top-facing side of the CPU. Make sure the two triangles align. The plastic cover will pop out once the CPU is in place and properly secured with the lever.

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