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Do NOT trust their delivery date!! Online management of account does not function properly. Phone menus a nightmare to navigate to an actual person. Ordered a shower door in store. Delivery was delayed 2 times.

Warning about Lowe's and appliances!!!

If you have questions about home projects, maintenance, repairs, or even buying your first home, this is the place to ask. This sub is not for promotion self- or otherwise. Any post or comment containing links to businesses or products that isn't a direct answer to a question will be removed. No surveys. Please check the new queue after posting.

If your post does not appear there and you are not spamming , send a message to the mod. This subreddit gets a lot of spam and often good posts get caught in the filter. Cost to install appliances Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Same here, including a water line for the fridge. Very pleased with their overall customer service. I've replaced most of my appliances last year with no additional cost Lowes. One exception Virginia is the gas stove. My understanding is that this is different, and WILL drive an additional cost to replace.

Further, I've been told that this is a state standard. It wouldn't surprise me if they charged extra for gas since they have to leak check the connections although this is still easy to DIY Pretty sure the state doesn't care one way or another. I'm talking about the building codes. In New York I'm told you don't have to have a plumber to run a gas line for an outdoor grill. However, in Virginia, you must have a licensed plumbing contractor.

Fridge without installing the water-line. Washer and Dryer, service charged as for the pair. They delivered the new one, hooked up the gas line, and took away the old one. No additional with big box for normal installation. Connecting to existing electrical, drain, water lines. If you need any other work like a new drain, adding a water line, moving plumbing or an outlet to a new location you're outside the scope of what is included.

Have someone do the work in advance or consider going to a local appliance store and discussing your needs. Big box is not always the best deal. Local appliance can have similar prices with better service. Also, avoid Sears. Their prices suck now. I scheduled installation for my dishwasher through Lowes in December They did not have to do any electrical or plumbing work as part of the installation and they were done within about 15 minutes.

They charge nothing to install a refrigerator that comes with an factory-installed icemaker, an electric range, or an electric dryer. For all of these, you must buy all new connections icemaker line, supply hoses, ducts, V cords, etc. This is in the Austin area. I'd also check prices at Sears. I've gotten really good deals on whole kitchen packages there in the past. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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I'm interested to know from others their thoughts on gas ranges. Same thing for indoor gas ranges.

Choose Lowe's for your appliance installation needs. From installing your new dishwasher to hooking up your new refrigerator, Lowe's has you covered. Make your purchase online or through our mobile app, and pick it up in a Lowe's Pickup as your shipping option when you place an order on xativacult.com or on.

If you have questions about home projects, maintenance, repairs, or even buying your first home, this is the place to ask. This sub is not for promotion self- or otherwise. Any post or comment containing links to businesses or products that isn't a direct answer to a question will be removed. No surveys.

I ordered a dryer from lowes almost 3 weeks ago.

This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own.


They tack on an additional charge that you may not even realize. After selecting the appliance you want to purchase, the clerk enters everything in the computer and tells you to go up front to the check-out and give the cashier your phone number. That brings up the purchase to the cashier, who requests payment. Since you never get any sort of print-out or invoice, you assume the total is for your appliance, plus tax. But look at your receipt very carefully and you will find an additional charge.

Cheap Dishwasher delivery and install $49 at Home Depot!

Years in fact. But sometime something happens you just gotta vent…. So, we are sitting on a aging fridge and decided it was time to do a bit of an upgrade. Easy peasy right? No fucking way pal……. I say ok and she tells me she will call me back when she has an answer. No shit I say. No call comes Sunday night so I leave a message Sunday night and then call Monday am. Now I am pissed.

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Sign up for a Slickdeals account to remove this ad. Slickdeals Forums Tech Support Help! Paid Lowes Dishwasher Installation required to remove old one yourself??? First Unread.

How Much Does Dishwasher Installation Cost?

Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More New Posts. Page 1 of 2 Jump to page: Next Last. When they show up they say I need a new shutoff valve to complete the installation. Call Lowes and no solution like too bad too say. Last edited by pootza on Dec 31st, 2: I had a new bathtub faucet set installed earlier this year by Lowes - something I wasn't comfortable doing myself. Price was higher than it should have been after seeing the time spent on the job. Work was ok, but if he had spent an extra 10 minutes notching out the faceplate it would have looked a lot better.

Help! Paid Lowes Dishwasher Installation (required to remove old one yourself???)

Discussion in ' Budget Board ' started by disneysteve , Jul 22, Log in or Sign up. Warning about Lowe's and appliances!!! Sep 29, Messages: I posted in another thread that we bought a new clothes dryer at Lowe's yesterday. They showed up a couple of hours ago and the guy comes in to check the location and says, "Did they tell you that we aren't allowed to disconnect the old dryer or hook up the new dryer? The delivery guy says they're not allowed to touch gas lines.

Warning about Lowe's and appliances!!!

Purchasing home appliances is a major decision for most homebuyers and represents a significant investment. Where do smart shoppers purchase home appliances? Here is a look at the best places to buy appliances and the inside info you need to know about each. The home improvement giant is one of the leading retailers for major appliance purchases, thanks to a simple shopping experience, in-store or online, combined with abundant product selections. The product selection is typically excellent, with Home Depot carrying everything from budget-friendly machines to more sophisticated, smart-home-enabled options. As an example, this well-loved HE 4. Comparison charts make it easy to compare similar items and find the best combination of price, features, ratings and other criteria.

Lowe's Home Improvement

This is important because a dishwasher uses water and electricity which have to be connected safely. No one likes to have poorly connected pipes that leak. The installation of a new dishwasher is a lot of work. Contractors have to prepare the area of installation. Plumbing and wiring must be put in place ready for the dishwasher.

I recently replaced our built-in oven, microwave, and range top. If you have built-in appliances like I did, your first concern and only potential hangup should be sizing. Prepping the new range top for electrical wiring. We simply replaced our appliances with the newer version of the same line: GE Profile. With the exception of the microwave, everything fit nice and snug in the old cutouts.


How To Replace a Microwave
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