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Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Several years ago, I was at a conference, and a guy at my table started up with me after he found out that I was observant.

Shomer Negiah: Why Not Touching Before Marriage Is Less Crazy Than You Thought

Many people I know keep negiah, they brave the dark waters of celibacy and refrain from touching the opposite sex until marriage. All of a sudden these same people are seen hugging women, sometimes kissing them on the cheek and I even get these random late night phone calls from supposedly shomer negiah folks who just got some action. Based upon my experiences there are many sub-categories within the folks who claim to keep negiah. Shomer Until Opportunity: The second the women show interest their once fervent stance on keeping negiah is lost to the prospect of some steamy action.

These folks are shomer when it comes to getting intimate, but when it comes to having folks sit next to them, put their arms around them or give them hugs they see no problem with this. Shomer Until Engaged: I can definitely relate to this category, I was engaged after all and have come to the conclusion that unless you live in a community with separate sidewalks for men and women- you have probably experienced this sort of thing.

I have spoken to many friends of mine many of whom are full time Kollel and Rebbe types who have confirmed my suspicions. Most of them deny getting all hot and steamy in the back seat of their blue and wood paneled Chevy wagons held with bungee cords, but they do admit to holding hands and making out in dark corners of the top floor of the midtown Marriott. I guess if you were shomer until you got engaged you have to be higher then the MO-dox Shomer By Default: Let me tell you something, anyone can get some if they tried just a little, or were willing to pay for dinner.

These are the type of folks that never speak up when their friends are conversing with someone from the opposite sex and usually their friends are too rude to introduce them. Shomer Cock Tease: Some women just love to see men squirm and wonder how such beauty could be saved for some guy in the near future. These women tend to be future hot chanie and sheitle hooker types unless they already are. They prance around all hot and done up, yet they act like they are all frum by telling you they are shomer- almost spitting it in your face in fact.

Shomer In Public: Footsie aint like it was when I was growing up. Extreme Shomer Negia: I had this Rebbe in high school who would clear a line of people whenever him or his wife had to exit shul. These are the types that slam your change down on the counter rather than drop it in your hand. These folks tend to identify with the charedi movement and agree with the Saudis on many of their shomer negiah policies besides the honor killing stuff.

Shomer Besides Hand Shakes: Shomer Until Drunk: I have a bunch of friends who would hook up with girls at parties when he got drunk. This one guy would call me up and tell me he did something stupid and I knew exactly what it was, then he would learn some mussar and go about his business with that feeling of guilt they pound into you during yeshiva.

Militant Shomer Negiah: Does your town have one of those Vaad Hatznius organizations that believe in threatening people because they may not keep to extreme chumra tznius? These are the type of folks who would rather see intermarriage then have groups like NCSY and any other sort of coed programs. They also tend to believe in complete separation unless its child conceiving time, basically the women slaves over the child rearing and food making while the man slaves over a gemara or diamond counter.

Looking at the opposite sex is counted as breaking shomer negiah. Shomer Until Horny: The folks who are hardcore shomer until they cant take the pressure anymore. I am sure many of you may feel the same way. We got into a conversation about being shomer negiah and they revealed that besides holding hands they, like many good bais yaakov girls had never touched a guy. Since many bloggers happen to be single women I am curious if many of them feel this way.

I also wonder about those frum older singles- are they similar to the 40 year old virgin movie? Fictional Negiah: Semi Fictional Negiah: This can always get hairy no pun intended for spechardic folks if you sleep at your buddies house and your folks want to know where she stayed and all that jazz. Selective Shomer Negiah: You could only imagine how crushed I felt when I saw her making out with some dude.

This was originally posted well over 3 years ago, it has undergone some editing, additions and modifications. How will accidentally brushing shoulders lead to premarital sex? What is so scandalous about a couple in love holding hands in public? They are legal adults and only they can decide what they want to do. Granted, the concept of shomer negiah may be ideal, but its not realistic for a couple who has been going out for a long time to keep their hands off each other.

Whether daters decide to touch each other and when is their personal decisions. Its amusing how people lecture to us about physical abstinence as if we were non inhibitive teenagers. Yes people fool around but its not our business what people do with their sexuality. Mentors are there to guide us and offer some insight. They are not there to dictate our choices for us. Mind you, I dated my husband for 2 years. Even though we knew which boundaries not to cross, we decided not to be shomer after a while.

I have no regrets since we are still happily married and in love with each other Thank G-d. When did this religion turn into a frikkin cult?? Like you said — your choice. But if it actually bothers you that there are others who keep to the divine directions, and futhermore pass them on to their children for the continuation of observance, then you are an unbelieveable fag. I think you need another category for guys like me: This was the first post I ever read by you, my friend showed it to me in spring 09 or so and that led me to check out the entire blog and become a regular reader.

Good stuff. I knew this post sounded familiar. I thought you had become like the old guys in shul who constantly repeat the same stories and jokes. Tends to exist among younger Frum individuals who are not ready for marriage. This is hysterical. And this part right here is my fave as it immediately brings up the visual of 42nd St and 5th Ave in Manhattan….

I went out with a guy like that. What can I say, I was young and stupid. Frum gay guys are great friends. One gay friend just got engaged! Mazel Tov! To many more screwed up years of increasingly complex lies! Hhhmmmm I can see where you are coming from, but, to me, metrosexual implies a style of dress whereas Cock-tease implies a behavior, so I am not sure the two terms are equivalent.

So Mr. Garrison goes into the local tavern and sees that the entire town is now dressed gay. He starts going around flirting with everyone, but none reciprocate. Someone explains Metrosexuality to Garrison. I understand that rabbis want to discourage premarital sex but it is simply not natural for members of the opposite sex to not touch, especially when courting. Closing off the ability to touch is just another way that healthy, natural impulses are repressed.

Yaakov Avinu kissed Rochel Imainu right after meeting her, and he ended up being a pretty big tzaddik. I am talking about a category of people and meant to speak in general terms ONLY. So, what is the male equiv. I am not talking about the guys who promise u the moon and end up using you. Well, my room mate and I consulted with Urbandictionary, and found that the word cunt tease is definitely in order here. Of course, most of them think that a guy has to be [cough] good looking to be a cunt tease!

I beg to differ. Yes, it is quite a derogatory term enough that the FCC has put a fatwa on it. And oh yeah, any girl can be a cock-tease. Basically, my question for years has been where are these Jewish girls who give good head and how come I never end up with any of them? Hehehe, maybe you gotta be a cunt-tease to get one, dude? With my luck, we would probably need to add a new category: No kidding…. I remember before I was religious, I was more prone to give random guys a chance.

They all tried to play the same games…. Oh, but, I think many are. They would tell me they were going to do things for me. I wonder how many dumb chicks fall for that kinda crap. All too many, Michal, all too many ….

Shomer negiah literally means “guarding one's touch. Dating somebody who feels differently about the observance of negiah within a. negiah?” before extending your hand. While the words “shomer negiah” literally mean “observant of touch,” the term refers to someone who refrains from.

The rise of leggings … Read More. The rise of leggings alone could stand as an example of why people should not be allowed to do so much as dress themselves without consulting a panel of experts. But making decisions is a part of being an adult, and the more we blanket our lives with across-the-board restrictions the less responsible we become. Allow me to explain… The first reason to question the whole shomer negiah movement is the lack of halacha backing it up.

I know you are not a Rav, but I have a question: What do you think of one who stops being shomer negiya in order to eventually get married?

For Specific information is impossibly beyond the standard Africa Corps pith helmet. Its in really roughing it.

(4) Shomer Negiah: Navigating Premarital Sexual Activity and Jewish Law and Values

May 7 2 Iyar Torah Portion. Relationships are one of the most complicated of human endeavors. Emotions, hormones, and social mores tend to be the prime influences on our behavior and often encourage us to live for the moment. As a result, many jump headfirst into physical involvement, overlooking the likely consequences down the line. But when reason emerges above the din of hormones, very different choices could be made, leading to more successful outcomes. On the chance that you may be willing to consider this, I have a suggestion that I believe is eminently based in reason.

The Unofficial Guide to Shomer Negiah

It was the summer I left San Francisco. Suddenly I lived in … Read More. Over the course of the summer, I followed Yirmi and Benji, my Jewish socialite friends, to one-dollar drink nights and concerts where they seemed to know everyone and everyone seemed to be Orthodox. Every time I turned around, I caught sight of a guy in a yarmulke. In fact, most of them liked to talk about their day jobs. Admitting to yourself that you are Ready To Date is a pretty big deal among Orthodox Jews because dating is a short step away from getting married, settling down, and pumping out 27, babies. Shomer negiah is one of those things that define us as Orthodox Jews, and as human beings. I had just spent the last three years living in San Francisco and not being shomer. To be in New York—with its miles of kosher restaurants and Hasidim who not only knew how to play this game, but actually played it—felt like my ultimate calling.

Monday through Thursday I surround myself with girls who openly share their dating stories, with all the details.

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Shomer Negiah

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Why I Don't Touch Girls

How hard do you think it is for an engaged couple to stay shomer negiah? I'm sure it must be. Dating somebody who feels differently about the observance of negiah within a relationship can create questions and complications for otherwise-compatible couples. Upperclassmen scrutinize freshmen to ascertain their shomer negiah status. Shomer negiah defies all of the societal changes that have become the normThis is me living a life between two worlds. As fun as it is to date and share stories.

The Touch of Two Worlds

May 7 2 Iyar Torah Portion. I enjoyed reading the recent article on aish. I grew up in South Africa in a religious home and I'm currently learning in a pre-military Yeshiva in Israel. I love sports, physics, chemistry, computer science, economics, movies, and Xbox — in short, I'm a normal guy. And I am also shomer negiah — I don't touch girls, and girls don't touch me. Yet I'm still normal. Allow me to explain.

Holding Off

Negiah Hebrew: A person who abides by this halakha is colloquially described as a shomer negiah "one observant of negiah". The laws of negiah are typically followed by Orthodox Jews , with varying levels of observance. Some Orthodox Jews follow the laws with strict modesty and take measures to avoid accidental contact, such as avoiding sitting next to a member of the opposite sex on a bus, airplane, or other similar seating situation. Others are more lenient, only avoiding purposeful contact. Adherents of Conservative and Reform Judaism do not follow these laws.

Having grown up traditional, I joined the legions of ultra-Orthodox of a modern variety here in Israel. I wore long skirts, covered my elbows, and one summer went so far as to subject myself to stockings with my sandals. After another failed hook-up, a friend I was living with at the time suggested I take on THE mitzvah of the baal teshuva world — shomer negiah — the abstention of bodily contact between the sexes. This girl had been THE coolest girl in high school through college. Always one to emulate, and so….

As with many great revelations, the benefits of practicing Shomer Negiah did not occur to me until I was on my couch in my pajamas, Facebook-stalking a guy I had dated. I was angry — throw random assorted cutlery across the kitchen angry — but more than anything, I felt deceived. I have always had the utmost respect for those who keep Shomer Negiah. But I personally did not find it relevant for my life. Physical chemistry seemed to me like a critical layer in building a relationship and determining compatibility, if not the foundation itself.

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