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Good day to you, traveler. I bring you greetings from some seven weeks after this program aired. If I recall correctly, which is never a safe bet, this was a wet, gray, somewhat cold morning in the Ithaca area. It was "Spring" by the slimmest of technicalities, though winter never seems far away here. In any case it was a reasonable day for flying, and apparently I was needed. I rose to the challenge as I sometimes do. This program was book-ended by two long and lovely pieces.

I received a compliment on the Michael Morley tune, which made me feel nice even though I didn't create the music! What is the psychology of that, I wonder? I did not receive any praise for playing Becoming Animal, but then again it was not required. I am happy to play just about any fruit of the Cindytalk tree. Again, this was a "surprise" program, and I have done yet another one in the meantime.

I will write a report at some point, I am sure. When time allows, when it allows. I'm finally tired of not writing and not posting. How about you? Currently I am multitasking, straddling the distant and near past, editing an episode from four days ago as I try to gather my impressions of this program from nearly two months ago. I've heard this one so many times on my iPod that I don't think I can make sense of it anymore, if I ever could.

Maybe I never could. This particular day was the "International Day of Happiness" but there's a good chance that I was not participating. It was the Iraq was anniversary which one? I think maybe the second one, like it matters and I think the President was trying and probably succeeding in banning transgender people from the military.

Personally I think no one should be in the military, but it's the largest employer in this fucked-up society we have, and my tax dollars pay for it, so I kind of think everyone should be able to feed from that trough. Except Nazis, maybe. On that note, we were also still trying to wrap our heads around the Christchurch massacre, which was five days earlier, and the best our "opposition party" could do was stage some kind of symbolic vote to condemn a Muslim congresswoman, so congratulations everyone.

Predictably, this sentence from my recollection of the previous program--"I biffed a bunch of segues and got very mad at myself behind the scenes"--works perfectly well with this program too. I should probably leave it in every little thing I write about this ongoing adventure. I'm not going to tell you what was good and what was bad. You'll have to figure it out for yourself. Aren't you glad I'm back? Alright, we're really out of date now. Familiar ground--feels good! Anyway, this is a fill-in program from about a month ago, executed in partial daylight, which Lady Catharsis and I both found somewhat confusing.

I'll just make a blanket statement that this basically didn't work, for a number of reasons. Mostly it came down to me. There were conflicting "concepts" of this program, and usually it works best when there is no concept. The "physical evidence" aspect of the show--the Wanda Jackson record--was alright. My "green" idea was lazy and bad, though in my defense I have heard people do entire "themed" programs based on entering a search term in Spotify like, I don't know, "peace" and things like that and playing an entire two-hour "playlist" based on songs with that term in the title.

I'm reminding myself and you that I could be much worse. Also, I biffed a bunch of segues and got very mad at myself behind the scenes. My foray into "sober history" wasn't great. But I stand by what I said about Carl Craig: I see that I have fallen behind again, with the postings. I hope you enjoyed our brief getaway to the land of timeliness as much as I did. Things have been busy--at work, in life, online. Huge tasks are everywhere, as are galaxy-brain takes.

Accordingly, we have grabbed a few extra opportunities to sit in the WRFI studio and chill out with music for a couple of hours at a time. I highly recommend this! At this juncture of space-time we were all occupying ourselves with the "admissions scandal" involving some American universities, and some moderately rich people and their failsons and -daughters.

Funny as it was to think of Lori Loughlin and company being disgraced for a minute--they will never go to jail--I can't help but feel sad for them and their kids, being not quite wealthy enough to buy the university a building, the preferred and totally legal way of bypassing review. And I felt sad for myself, as any higher-education imbroglio triggers damaging memories of my previous life. I was having some feelings on this night. Somehow I couldn't mouth the words "social media addicts," which is what I am afraid I have become.

And I managed to put Electric Blabla all over the place in this program. Come to think of it, that's a virtue, not a flaw. Here is a program for the vaults! But this one belongs in the "pantheon," or whatever it is we call that non-literal space where the really good ones wind up. Admittedly, the bar for entry may be low--all it takes are a solid, rocking two hours of music and a minimum of technical errors sorry, Sunset Images or gaffes on my part.

So I hope you enjoy this one. I am thinking of course of Transmission 19 , from this very date six years ago, carelessly deleted by me. I was so crushed by this at the time--the program was so new and yet I had already sealed its fate as an imperfect time capsule. I need not have felt this way, of course, since I had already chronicled this program much better than my previous radio gig , but how I feel is how I feel.

It didn't occur to me until this week that I might at least partly reconstruct that missing program by cobbling together a streaming playlist. Why not? Anyway, I did it and you can listen to it here. But listening to this playlist and the last few shows, I'm reassured. So you're stuck with me, for a while. I was angry online and in life--strangely, though, not in therapy, where my counselor was telling me that "effective anger" what is that? During this program I was, admittedly, too busy reading and writing?

In my defense, that is something I used to know but no longer do. I think perhaps he was one of the original WRFI board members, back when the station was simply a repeater. He seems to have been a much-loved local activist of some sort, and a relative or in-law? Maybe a current board member, or anyone with more expertise than me that's a large pool could chime in here. I should mention, before I forget, that I was graced by Drummer John's interventions--suggesting Ozric Tentacles, whom I had never heard!

It's his business, I guess. A realization: I let the last program pass without noting that it was a milestone. I think that maybe this is good? Program marked about hours of airtime, which, I have always estimated, had to be the approximate amount of time I put in at my last radio gig. So I think that by every possible measure we can now consider that the rehearsal and this "the real thing," god help us. It's bewildering to ponder, and I have so many conflicting feelings about that time and its relationship to this one.

Take that, therapist! Every day feels like a rollercoaster, but some are more rollercoasterish than others. I woke up last Wednesday to the news that Mermaids got their money after all , and it was encouraging to see Graham Linehan accurately described somewhere, for once. The day also brought the return of Bernie Sanders, which I should probably see as good even though it guarantees that we will be our worst selves for the next 21 months and probably beyond.

In darker news, this day witnessed another plot twist in the totally disorienting Jussie Smollett saga , giving hate crime apologists everywhere ammunition to say that such things don't really happen, and making us choose between believing someone who might be an attention-seeking fraud or believing the Chicago Police Department. Oh, and there was a reminder that apparently our military breeds and harbors white nationalists , an underreported story that doesn't seem likely to end well.

So--much to heal from on this night! Fortunately I am a doctor sigh, ok I am not that kind of doctor. Oh, I forgot one last thing--the director of the next Ghostbusters film said he was turning the franchise back over to "the fans," which made me think--what would happen if I did that with BOMBAST? It couldn't hurt--I'd like to think my listeners have better taste than anyone who gets worked up over Ghostbusters , and it's difficult to imagine people with worse technique than myself.

Good grief--what was happening with those Amps and Waves of Dread segues? I made the Orbital and Michael Head segues lag. Finally, the NYZ tune was not as I recalled it, but in my defense, it was the one thing I liked on their otherwise impenetrable record. If there's one moment in this program that's "the dream" of the show, it's The Wedding Present fading into Baloji. I can't recommend it enough. Elsewhere, good tunes individually but dizzying incoherence overall.

Art mirroring life! It was a tough ask, using this music to follow "Jamaican Clash," but we did the best we could.

Can anyone tell me anything about my Jazz Sound bass please? I believe that it is a copy of a Jazz, but don't know when it was made by. By creating a database to store facts about Tokai guitars, we have been able to thus far break the serial number dating code for Gibson copies. Fender Copies (Strats, Teles, Jazz Bass, Precision Bass, Tokai Super Edition, Tokai Custom.

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By theplumber , May 8, in Bass Guitars. I bought a Tokai Jazz Sound from e bay a few months ago

May 8, 1. Hello, How date my tokai with the serial number? Thanks Tigger.

1984/85 Tokai Hard Puncher

By theplumber , May 8, in Bass Guitars. I bought a Tokai Jazz Sound from e bay a few months ago It is about 7 or 8 years old and is made in Japan. The only downside is the Tokai ''post lawsuit'' headstock,which spoils it a bit for me. I played it a few times in the house through my practise amp and although it looked great,felt really well made,with a very nice slim jazz bass neck,it wasn't a patch on my long gone 80's Tokai Jazz Sound.

Tokai hard puncher dating

Jazz Sound Bass Dating. Tokai Forum - a subsidiary of TokaiRegistry. View previous topic:: View next topic. Des Plucker Joined: Wed Mar 05, 2: Hi Can anyone tell me anything about my Jazz Sound bass please? I believe that it is a copy of a Jazz, but don't know when it was made by Tokai. I don't know if the gold colour is original either - it seems to be, but is a bit unusual.

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Unique Tokai Jazz Bass - is it an original painting? Oct 26, 1. Nov 13, WP, Poland.

Tokai Jazz Sound Fretless Bass Guitar MIJ Japan

TGR is a community effort to collect enough information to reliably determine the manufactured date of these Tokai guitars. I have a Tokai Gakki classical guitar. Purchased in Montreal Canada in It has a paper inside the box with the handwritten inscription Pandora's Box 7 I bought it from the original owner in Can't find any info on it. Has anyone come across this guitar? I've studied most of the literature but I can't seem to find an exact match. I'm looking for any help to determine when it was made. I was told its over 30 years old.. If there is anyone out there who can help Hi, I have a Tokai Explorer in a very pale orange sunburst.

Tokai jazz sound dating

It's no secret how much we love vintage Japanese guitars around here and another one of the great Japanese manufacturers is of course Tokai. The brand is one of the older Japanese music manufacturing brands dating back to the 's but didn't start making guitars until the sixties. While well known for their amazing acoustics, by the early seventies they had joined the "copy race" with cloones of well known US brands. They are probably most famous for their Gibson Les Paul replicas which started out as with a rather cheeky name of "Les Paul Reborn" in the late 70's. Some VERY big name players have used Tokai LP's over the years as touring guitars because of their amazingly high quality and accuracy. It's quality is, like a lot of Japanese manufacturers from this era, amazing.

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No Truss rod has an enough room. Neck is fine. Free shipping. Can't find what you are looking for?

Tokai Rockinbetter 4003 Bass Guitar

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Tokai jazz sound dating

By saxobass , January 17, in Bass Guitars. I know the guy well and he looks after his kit. Tokai Jazz sounds have always had a good reputation. I have a model and it's great. Had it defretted in the late '80s and it produces that lovely fretless jazz sound just fine with halfwound strings. I have a tokai hard puncher [precision] from the 80s i think and its a great bass Like everything theres good and bad try before you buy, but Tokai have made some great stuff in the past.

Second Hand

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