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You can easily establish a connection from inside the IDE and begin working with the database. This tutorial demonstrates how to use a local installation of Oracle Database 10 g Express Edition Oracle Database XE , a lightweight database that is free to develop, deploy, and distribute. Note for Windows users: Windows may change the extension of the downloaded file from.

Mobile Connect SDK for Java

GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Karate is the only open-source tool to combine API test-automation, mocks and performance-testing into a single , unified framework. The BDD syntax popularized by Cucumber is language-neutral, and easy for even non-programmers.

You can easily build or re-use complex request payloads, and dynamically construct more requests from response data. The payload and schema validation engine can perform a 'smart compare' deep-equals of two JSON or XML documents, and you can even ignore dynamic values where needed. Test execution and report generation feels like any standard Java project.

But there's also a stand-alone executable for teams not comfortable with Java. It is worth pointing out that JSON is a 'first class citizen' of the syntax such that you can express payload and expected data without having to use double-quotes and without having to enclose JSON field names in quotes. There is no need to 'escape' characters like you would have had to in Java or other programming languages. And you don't need to create additional Java classes for any of the payloads that you need to work with.

A set of real-life examples can be found here: Karate Demos. You can find a lot more references in the wiki. Karate also has its own 'tag' and a very active and supportive community at Stack Overflow. Karate requires Java 8 at least version 1. And if you run into class-loading conflicts, for example if an older version of the Apache libraries are being used within your project - then use karate-jersey instead of karate-apache.

If you want to use JUnit 5 , use karate-junit5 instead of karate-junit4. It may be easier for you to use the Karate Maven archetype to create a skeleton project with one command. You can then skip the next few sections, as the pom. If you are behind a corporate proxy, or especially if your local Maven installation has been configured to point to a repository within your local network, the command below may not work.

One workaround is to temporarily disable or rename your Maven settings. You can replace the values of com. You can also try using Karate as a stand-alone executable which is a good option if you have difficulties with the above process, or if you are not comfortable with Maven or Java. You can refer to this nice blog post and video by Joe Colantonio which provides step by step instructions on how to get started using Eclipse without having to run the command above.

Use the latest available version of Karate refer to the archetypeVersion above , and also make sure you install the Cucumber-Eclipse plugin! Another blog post which is a good step-by-step reference is this one by Micha Kops - especially if you use the 'default' maven folder structure instead of the one recommended below. A Karate test script has the file extension. You are free to organize your files using regular Java package conventions. When you have a large and complex project, you will end up with a few data files e.

This is very common in the world of Maven users and keep in mind that these are tests and not production code. Since these are tests and not production Java code, you don't need to be bound by the com. We suggest that you have a folder hierarchy only one or two levels deep - where the folder names clearly identify which 'resource', 'entity' or API is the web-service under test. Assuming you use JUnit, there are some good reasons for the recommended best practice naming convention and choice of file-placement shown above:.

Many popular text editors such as Visual Studio Code have support for the Gherkin syntax. It provides syntax coloring, and the best part is that you can 'right-click' and run Karate test scripts without needing to write a single line of Java code. If you are using the free Community Edition , you can easily install the "Gherkin" and "Cucumber for Java" plugins.

In some cases, for large payloads and especially when the default system encoding is not UTF-8 Windows or non-US locales , you may run into issues where a java. ByteArrayInputStream is encountered instead of a string. Other errors could be a java. URISyntaxException and match not working as expected because of special or foreign characters, e. German or ISO The solution is to ensure that when Karate tests run, the JVM file. This can be done via the maven-surefire-plugin configuration. This comes in useful because depending on how you organize your files and folders - you can have multiple feature files executed by a single JUnit test-class.

Typically right-clicking on the file in the project browser or even within the editor view would bring up the "Run as JUnit Test" menu option. For example if you have the JUnit class in the com. This is one reason why you may want to prefer a 'flat' directory structure as explained above. Karate supports JUnit 5 and the advantage is that you can have multiple methods in a test-class. Only one import is needed, and instead of a class-level annotation, you use a nice DRY and fluent-api to express which tests and tags you want to use.

Note that the Java class does not need to be public and even the test methods do not need to be public - so tests end up being very concise. Here is an example:. You can easily select double-click , copy and paste this file: URL into your browser address bar. This report is useful for troubleshooting and debugging a test because all requests and responses are shown in-line with the steps, along with error messages and the output of print statements.

Just re-fresh your browser window if you re-run the test. The JUnit 5 support does not require a class-level annotation to specify the feature s and tags to use. The features parameter in the annotation can take an array, so if you wanted to associate multiple feature files with a JUnit 4 test, you could do this:. You can even point to a directory or package. Combine this with tags to execute multiple features, without having to list every one of them.

When you have a 'runner' class in place, it would be possible to run it from the command-line as well. But you can choose a single test to run like this:. When your Java test "runner" is linked to multiple feature files, which will be the case when you use the recommended parallel runner , you can narrow down your scope to a single feature or even directory via the command-line, useful in dev-mode.

Note how even tags to exclude or include can be specified using the Karate options. Multiple feature files or paths can be specified, de-limited by the space character. They should be at the end of the karate. For gradle you must extend the test task to allow the karate. To do that, add the following:. The recommended way to define and run test-suites and reporting in Karate is to use the parallel runner , described in the next section. The approach in this section is more suited for troubleshooting in dev-mode, using your IDE.

So if you take the previous folder structure example , you can do this on the command-line:. There is a neat way to tag your tests and the above example demonstrates how to run all tests except the ones tagged ignore. For JUnit 4, The tag options can be specified in the test-class via the KarateOptions annotation, in which case you don't need to pass the -Dkarate.

You can 'lock down' the fact that you only want to execute the single JUnit class that functions as a test-suite - by using the following maven-surefire-plugin configuration:. Note how the karate. Options here would over-ride corresponding options specified if a KarateOptions annotation is present on AnimalsTest. The big drawback of the approach above is that you cannot run tests in parallel.

The recommended approach for Karate reporting in a Continuous Integration set-up is described in the next section which focuses on generating the JUnit XML format that most CI tools can consume. The Cucumber JSON format is also emitted, which gives you plenty of options for generating pretty reports using third-party maven plugins. And most importantly - you can run tests in parallel without having to depend on third-party hacks that introduce code-generation and config 'bloat' into your pom.

Karate can run tests in parallel, and dramatically cut down execution time. This is a 'core' feature and does not depend on JUnit, Maven or Gradle. This is a normal JUnit 4 test class! The parallel runner will always run Feature -s in parallel. Karate will also run Scenario -s in parallel by default. So if you have a Feature with multiple Scenario -s in it - they will execute in parallel, and even each Examples row in a Scenario Outline will do so!

The parallel runner will output a timeline. If you place it above the Feature keyword, it will apply to all Scenario -s but you just want one or two Scenario -s to NOT run in parallel, you can place this tag on only those Scenario -s. See example. There is also an API to run a chosen set of features and tags which may be useful in cases where you dynamically want to select features at run time.

Refer to this example DemoTestSelected. As mentioned above, most CI tools would be able to process the JUnit XML output of the parallel runner and determine the status of the build as well as generate reports. The Karate Demo has a working example of the recommended parallel-runner set up. It also details how a third-party library can be easily used to generate some very nice-looking reports, from the JSON output of the parallel runner.

For example, here below is an actual report generated by the cucumber-reporting open-source library. This report is recommended especially because Karate's integration includes the HTTP request and response logs in-line with the test report , which is extremely useful for troubleshooting test failures. The demo also features code-coverage using Jacoco.

If you are installing another version, make sure you change the version number appropriately. Example: For Java 8 Update 65 (8u65) the file to download is. The Java Web Start software allows you to download and run Java when a Java application using Java Web Start technology is downloaded for the first time .

This document details how to download and install the Java agent. Before installing the agent, review the Java agent compatibility and requirements. The install instructions in this document are for a standard Java agent installation.

GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.

Version 1. Read about the new features and fixes from March.

Connecting to Oracle Database from NetBeans IDE

This tutorial will walk you through the entire install process for every component, some of which you may have installed already. In some cases, you may want to switch components. This example will include installs and configuration for:. Different teams will use different build and dependency systems such as Maven, Gradle, etc. The dependencies for Webdriver are complex enough that we want to use one, so these examples will use Maven. You can get Java from its download site.

Java in Visual Studio Code

Version 1. Read about the new features and fixes from March. The Java support in Visual Studio Code is provided through a wide range of extensions. By installing extensions, you can have a lightweight and performant code editor which also supports popular Java development tools. VS Code provides essential language features such as code completion, refactoring, linting, formatting, and code snippets along with convenient debugging and unit test support. Leveraging the power of Visual Studio Code, Java developers get an excellent tool for both quick code editing and also the full debugging and testing cycle. It's a great choice for your Java work if you're looking for a tool which:. Visual Studio Code works with all major Java versions up to See Java Tutorial for more detailed installation guides.

Follow this tutorial to install Java and relevant tools.

You can download the latest update of JDK 8 at http: JDK 8 is required if you are planning to use any of the Java features. If you download the All download option, you can choose exactly what tools and runtimes to install.

Install the Java agent

An AWS account and access keys. If you intend to build your projects using a different IDE, with Apache Ant or by any other means, then download and extract the SDK as shown in the next section. We recommend that you use the most recent pre-built version of the SDK for new projects, which provides you with the latest support for all AWS services. Download the SDK from https: Only the latest version of the SDK is provided in pre-built form. Maven will download all necessary dependencies, build and install the SDK in one step. Visit http: Choose the tag corresponding to the version number of the SDK that you want. For example, 1. Unzip the file to a directory on your development system. On many systems, you can use your graphical file manager to do this, or use the unzip utility in a terminal window. Build and install the SDK with the following command Maven required:.

Writing Java with Visual Studio Code

As of OpenCV 2. This tutorial will help you install OpenCV on your desktop operating system. Now you should be able to install the last Java JDK by opening the file just downloaded. Extract the downloaded compressed file and put the resulting folder wherever you want to. Alternatively, you can try the Eclipse installer.

Eclipse for Java

To target the Android platform, some additional environment setup is required. Android apps can be created on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Native Android apps are compiled with the Java programming language. Download JDK8 from the download page. Gradle is the build tool used in Android apps and can be installed separately.

How to Configure Webdriver-Selenium for Java in Eclipse on Windows

Download Help. Installing Java requires that you can gain administrator access to Windows on your computer. It is recommended, before you proceed with online installation you may want to disable your Internet firewall. In some cases the default firewall settings are set to reject all automatic or online installations such as the Java online installation. Refer to your specific Internet firewall manual for instructions on how to disable your Internet Firewall. Detect older versions 8u20 and later versions. Starting with Java 8 Update 20 8u20 , on Windows systems, the Java Uninstall Tool is integrated with the installer to provide an option to remove older versions of Java from the system.

NetBeans IDE 8.2 Installation Instructions

Eclipse www. Download Eclipse from https: To install Eclipse, simply unzip the downloaded file into a directory of your choice e. I prefer the zip version, because there is no need to run any installer. Moreover, you can simply delete the entire Eclipse directory when it is no longer needed without running any un-installer.

Setting Up a Java Development Environment

Download Help. This means that when you install Java, you get Java Web Start installed automatically. The Java Web Start software is launched automatically, when a Java application using Java Web Start technology is downloaded for the first time. The Java Web Start software caches stores the entire application locally on your computer. Thus, any subsequent launches are almost instantaneous as all the required resources are already available locally. Every time you start the application, the Java Web Start software component checks the application's website to see if a new version is available, and if so, automatically downloads and launches it.

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