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8 Things You Need To Know About Dating A Storyteller, Because Everything Is Material For Stories

Storytelling for business is just like dating. Here is why, every entrepreneur, no matter the scale of your business can make use of stories to bring people towards their brand. These stories are meant to engage, compel and inspire. The question is, do you have the stories? Are you able to build conversations based on metaphors that would make your audience tick? You have to remember; there are different ways of telling a story. For everyone else, stories can be random and quick as long as it is relevant to the people having conversations.

But for an entrepreneur, there has to be a purpose. There has to be a reason for our stories. We need tools to make our storytelling structured, intentional and purposeful. Context should be at the heart of the stories you are telling. Imagine you are a graphic designer and you are having coffee with your friend who has a Ph. He started talking about optics, physics and chemistry of colors and how light passing through a prism are co-related to celestial rays of lights.

Yup, I know. I lost you there for a moment. What if your Ph. How can these be a key consideration in designing marketing collaterals? Your ticket to not losing your audience. The kinds of stories you tell depend on where you are in your relationship with your audience. So where are you right now? One familiar way is to compare your story journey to dating.

As we all know, there are primarily three stages in a relationship. I am not an expert in a relationship, but let me try to explain each stage as it relates to the kind of stories that you can tell your audience. When you are getting to know someone, you can start talking about things that are common to you. For example, where you live, where you both studied, etc.

At this stage, it would be weird to start talking about yourself and all the things that matter to you. Same with your audience, if they are still in the stage of awareness getting to know your brand , it would be great to talk about things that are relevant to them. If you are a business consultant, you can tell stories about setting up a business in a specific location. These are things that they can relate to.

When you are starting to get close, it would be relevant to talk about things that you both care about. In the case of your brand, what does your audience care about that you care about also? Would you delete your Facebook page? Or not? This is the part where your date finds out why you hate peanut butter sandwiches and why you prefer sleeping with the lights on.

Things can start to get personal at this stage between you and your date. Once your audience is already converted to a customer, this is the right time to talk about your brand, your products, and its features. Because they already bought your idea. They are sold to it. Now you know. Regardless if you are in a relationship or not at this stage, crafting the right stories for your audience at the right time will result in the impact that you want.

This is how simple or enjoyable storytelling for business is. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Friday, May 10, Our work Contact us. Get help. Frame Getting to know When you are getting to know someone, you can start talking about things that are common to you.

Stage 2: Getting close When you are starting to get close, it would be relevant to talk about things that you both care about. Stage 3: Dating This is the part where your date finds out why you hate peanut butter sandwiches and why you prefer sleeping with the lights on. Storytelling Classroom Stories that Generate Lead. Blogging for Business [Fundamentals]. Storytelling Classroom 9: Using Stories to Build Connections.

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When you consider the aspects that make someone attractive as a potential dating partner, you might be overlooking this surprising trait. Storytelling isn't just a kid's pastime. It's a deal maker in a perfect relationship. Learn more about the art of perfect storytelling with these tips.

January 30 - New Territories- hosted by Jenn and Suhas. March 27 - Permission to Pause- directed and hosted by Jannita and Austin. We have two ways you can be involved, the first is to be a storyteller, the second is to be an audience member! If you want to be an audience member, you can find the monthly show dates here and ticketing for the shows is done through the Fringe Club and Art-Mate.

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How To Attract Women Today. What are some things that are important to avoid during dates?

Keep Talking: A Storytelling Show - "Dating"

By Taraneh Mojaverian. The Science of Love by eHarmony Labs. When you consider the traits that make someone attractive, you might be thinking of wealth, health, and a great smile. But, you may be overlooking something else that is surprising. New psychological research suggests that storytelling ability is related to perceived attractiveness. Specifically, they wanted to examine how storytelling ability affects perceived attractiveness for both long and short-term dating prospects.

Episode app has a story of its own to tell about the future of dating

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! Women like guys who are charming and interesting. Those are some redeeming qualities about any human being. Some guys naturally have a lot of charm and draw the interest of women easily. And, telling stories about your experiences in life will help a woman see who you are, what you stand for, and that you have a lot to offer her. Through stories you can let a woman know that you have a sense of humor, dedication, confidence, adventure, passion, and so much more. Since stories help you paint a positive picture without bragging about your awesomeness being egotistic , it becomes important to know how to tell good stories. And in order to know how to tell good stories about yourself, you have to know what not to do when telling your stories. So, how do you tell great stories about yourself?

Souhayl A is a street and art-documentary photographer living and working main part of the year in Paris France.

We all have endless amounts of stories to share simply because we're alive. We overshare, we rant, and we become addicted to our own verbal-selfies. Sometimes we tell stories to get out of work early, or to break the ice at a party; every day we master the art of storytelling.

Story Party – True Dating stories

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Guys: Good Storytelling May Influence Your Dating Potential

It seemed a lot of things: For the non-addicted: The two New York-based graphic designers launched the blog in July, a one-day-at-a-time, dually penned chronicle of their blossoming relationship. Goodman and Walsh, single and friends, gave each other the Lent-inspired supposed time it takes to kick a bad habit to work through their romantic frustrations—Goodman cycles through women, Walsh falls in love too easily—by dating each other. They agreed to six rules , and documented every day by filling out a questionnaire. Goodman and Walsh clearly have an affinity for testing their own limits, as evidenced by their challenge to hold hands for eight straight hours on Day

50 True Dating Stories

Join our six storytellers as they share true tales from their checkered dating pasts. Relive the days of group dates at the roller rink and discover the hilarious and heartbreaking new world of Tinder and OK Cupid. If you like comedy, tragedy and everything in between, you'll love "Now You're Talking! The show features storytellers sharing true stories from their lives. Call Us Directions. Facebook Twitter Directions.

What Dating Apps Can Teach Us About the Importance of Creative Storytelling

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5 Must-Know Rules Of Storytelling To Win Women Over

May 20th, by Nick Notas 6 Comments. Storytelling has been a cherished art form for thousands of years. When done right, it can win an entire group over and have a girl hanging onto your every word. Here are some of the positive effects:. A story is about the atmosphere you create.

Sexy Time: A Sex and Dating Storytelling Mic

A great story is an easy escape into a fairytale where all the problems can vanish with a song, every dark hour is nothing but a weak moment, and perfect endings are only pages away. What is pillow talk and how can you make it better? Storytelling makes for great fairytales, but what about in real life, and what about in our relationships? Learning the art of storytelling can improve communication in a relationship and make the relationship a lot more exciting. In a relationship, the art of storytelling is the art of communication. How you explain something to your partner makes the difference between an interesting lover and a boring one.

Bad Dates I've Been On - STORY TIME!
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