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The game was the college football equivalent of Ali-Frazier I—two undefeated titans, each one loved and loathed by fans, looking to determine who was best. At Notre Dame, football is a religion. At Alabama, it is a way of life. Forty years later, little has changed to diminish this rivalry. The Fighting Irish defeated the Crimson Tide, , in their first meeting and have owned Alabama in the subsequent five games. Notre Dame leads the series and has outscored the Tide

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By Alicia W. Stewart, CNN. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media. Tech Innovate Gadget Mission: Facebook Twitter Instagram. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Many faces of Miss America. Hide Caption. Williams resigned after nude photographs of her were revealed to the public, and Suzette Charles, right, who had been the first runner-up, took the title of Miss America Miss America , Susan Akin, was from Mississippi.

Kellye Cash, from Tennessee, was the winner in In , Kaye Lani Rae Rafko, won the crown. Debbye Turner, from Missouri, was 's Miss America. Marjorie Judith Vincent, formerly Miss Illinois, was crowned in Cornett announced that she would wear only U. Miss America , Kimberly Clarice Aiken, waves to the crowd as she walks down the runway.

Aiken said she planned to spend her year-long reign aiding homeless people. Heather Renee French, Miss America , is showered with confetti as she walks down the runway after being crowned at the conclusion of the Miss America Pageant. Miss America , Katie Harman, clasps her hands together, overjoyed as she assumes the title of Miss America Erika's platform for her reign was Empowering Youth Against Violence: Protect Yourself. Deidra Downs, from Alabama, and newly crowned Miss America , walks down the runway after being crowned at the finals of the Miss America Pageant.

It was the first time the annual pageant has been held outside of Atlantic City, in its year history. Katie R. Stam, from Indiana, reacts after being crowned Miss America Miss America winner, Kira Kazantsev. Story highlights Nina Davuluri is the first Miss America winner of Indian descent Davuluri ran on a platform of "celebrating diversity through cultural competency" It was a challenge to live her platform at home, she says Davuluri: Nina Davuluri changed the face of the American girl next door after she became the first Miss America of Indian descent.

Her historic win introduced Bollywood dance into the talent portion of the contest that, up until 60 years ago, required contestants to be in " good health and of the white race. Negative responses on social media made headlines after her win. Davuluri says she expected some of that reaction. After all, she faced that when she won Miss New York, too.

Growing up in a predominantly white Midwest town, she had become accustomed to answering questions about arranged marriages, cow worship and the meaning of "red dots on foreheads. And that's what I encourage -- assimilation has to happen from both sides, it can't be one-sided. Miss America, Julie Chen and the beauty of choice. She has learned that lesson in her personal life, like when she introduced her traditional parents, whose marriage was arranged, to the boyfriend she had been dating for more than a year.

I'm a grown woman," she said. The choice is yours. I expected the outrage. More Videos Miss America: I expected the outrage India's skin coloring controversy I'm living American dream. I'm living American dream She says she is proud of how her own parents have adapted. Now she logs 20, airline miles per month traveling around the country sharing her platform on how to celebrate diversity through cultural competency by asking questions and learning about other cultures, and also to promote awareness of STEM education.

In this edited conversation, she took some time to speak with CNN about why medical school seemed less risky than competing for Miss America, and how she was challenged to live her platform in her own household. The programs you've worked with have focused on children in kindergarten through junior high about to address diversity through cultural competency. Is all hope lost for adults? What have you found, particularly in the aftermath of the negative reaction to your being crowned, is the best way to address the topic with adults?

I certainly hope that not all hope is lost, and I don't think it is, because my parents are a living example of that. One of the hardest things that I experienced was really living the platform in my own home. That's not possible. And it shouldn't have to be, because we're so influenced by our peers and our community and people around us. Personally, my parents had an arranged marriage. And so, the idea of dating is difficult for any parent, but especially more so for mine, because they never experienced it themselves.

I've been dating a gentleman for a little while And I really, really wish that I'd opened that conversation sooner than I did, because it really made -- I mean, it sounds really cheesy, but it really made us have a stronger relationship. I'm not saying that it was any walk in the park, because it was a very difficult conversation to have. But at the end of the day, your parents want you to be happy.

And so I'm really thankful that I did it, but it's still a constant struggle in my own home as well. When you say constant struggle, how did that manifest? Was there a "rule" to not date, or was there just an expectation? It was just an expectation. We'd never talked about it For me, med school was almost the easy path, I suppose. It was expected. It was something that was expected of me. I was just supposed to do it. But becoming Miss America, entering this organization, was something that gave me a sense of validity that I had never had, because it was solely my own, and I put my own name on it.

And I'm really proud to say that it's OK to not fit the mold, or break the stereotype or whatever it is, and stick to your gut. What do you think was difficult about it for your parents? I think it was more of the fact that in my parents' mind, well, first you have to go to school, and then you have to go to med school and then you get married.

And in my mind, I'm like, well Prince Charming doesn't just show up on my doorstep whenever I'm ready to meet him! So would you consider your boyfriend Prince Charming? Davuluri, laughin g: Well, I didn't go that far. He's a great guy. In the South Asian community, there was pride about your win. There was also discussion about the notion that due to your skin tone, it's unlikely you would win a beauty contest in India.

How do you respond to that? Was that something you heard? I totally get it. When I was little it was always, "Don't go out into the sun, cause you're going to get too dark. So I get it from that standpoint. But I also experienced both sides of it, because when I was in school, So, it's just the idea of wanting what we can't have.

Just these standards of beauty that society says that they should be or thinks that they should be. I guess another silver lining is that these little girls in India can see you don't only have to be fair-skinned to be beautiful. It is so true and I think that the biggest thing for me, being in this role is, regardless of the physical beauty, is that I want it to come from the inside.

When I meet someone, I want it to be that genuine, interested person and having a genuine conversation. A smile goes a long way and being interested in that person you're speaking with is what true beauty is. And just showing that you care about someone is what I hope to accomplish this year.

The Miss Alabama USA, previously known as Miss Alabama Universe, is the beauty pageant . "Gadsden native crowned Miss Alabama USA in Montgomery aims to help young women with self-confidence". "Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron is apparently dating Miss Alabama, an Auburn alum". Yahoo! Sports. Posted by: Tribune Staff Posted date: January 22, By Gary Lloyd. A Trussville woman on Saturday was crowned Mrs. Alabama America Jennifer.

While cheering on her quarterback boyfriend, A. McCarron, at the B. VF Daily caught up with the modern-day Cindy Crawford about her underwater beauty secrets, her insecurities growing up, and her Shakespearian relationship with McCarron. Highlights from our chat:.

By day, Bill Alverson is a lawyer in Andalusia, Alabama, a town of 9, just north of the Florida border. Hundreds of would-be beauty queens have beaten a path to his door, seeking his wisdom over the telephone, Skype, text message and in person, because Mr Alverson has an enviable record.

By Alicia W. Stewart, CNN. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media.

Miss Alabama USA Mary Margaret McCord talks big hair, pageant questions and how she prepared

Haskell, 62, the CEO of the Atlantic City-based organization, a nonprofit, is often credited from bringing the pageant back from near obscurity and cable TV and back to Atlantic City from Las Vegas in Former titleholders play a part in the annual September pageant. Whose 'ideal' is Miss America? Why the pageant remains a modern relic. The Atlantic City boardwalk ritual continues to operate on stale notions of femininity. His reply:

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The world knows one side of Hannah B. They know the nervous, at times insecure version who made the likely fatal mistake of "warning" Colton about a fellow contestant. But that's not all of who Hannah is. Hannah's Instagram from before The Bachelor reveals her real life and who she's been since high school. Yeah, her IG goes all the way back to Hannah made a big splash on The Bachelor premiere, assuring Colton that she wasn't from Arkansas his ex Tia was , but rather that she was an Alabama girl through and through. She made such an impression on the leading man that he gave her the show's first one-on-one date. But the daytime portion of the date had Colton almost thinking about sending Hannah home. She seemed to be a different version of the person he met on night one.

She is a graduate of Gadsden City High School. The first year, she was third runner up, last year, she was first runner up and this year she took the crown.

By Daily Mail Reporter. Former Miss Alabama Katherine Webb is embracing her newfound fame and is joining a reality diving television show after her quarterback boyfriend told her he approved of the deal, it was reported today. Webb rocketed into the public's attention when ESPN commentator Brent Musburger momentarily fell in love with her as she watched her quarterback boyfriend play in the BCS Championship earlier this month.

Katherine Webb on A. J. McCarron: “People Call Us the Romeo and Juliet of Alabama”

Katherine Webb, who has been dating the Alabama quarterback for about a month, started trending on Twitter early in Alabama's win over Notre Dame. Webb, a year-old Montgomery, Ala. Her phone was dead. Among the more bizarre turns of her moment-by-moment increase in popularity was Arizona Cardinals DT Darnell Dockett posting his number and inviting her to a strip club. He later deleted the tweet and said he meant to send Webb a direct message. McCarron responded to some of the tweets on Tuesday morning. To Dockett, McCarron wrote, "u better worry ab being in them playoffs, then going to king of diamonds homie.. Coming off his second national championship in as many years, McCarron couldn't feel threatened by the attention. Both Webb and McCarron said he's not the jealous type, at least not about unwanted advances Webb gets from other men. That's messed up.

BCS National Championship: Alabama 42, Notre Dame 14 — as it happened

Miss America was the 91st Miss America pageant, though the Miss America Organization celebrated its 97th anniversary in This discrepancy is due to no national pageants being held from or in because of financial problems associated with the Great Depression. On July 24, , it was announced that Chris Harrison and Sage Steele would be returning to co-host the Miss America pageant for the second year in a row. From September 6—8, , judges for the preliminary competition selected the winners of the preliminary talent and lifestyle and fitness competitions as well as the top 15 finalists for the final night of competition on September 10, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Miss America Organization.

Katherine Elizabeth Webb-McCarron born April 24, , is an American model , beauty queen , and television personality. She has three siblings. She attended middle school and high school in Columbus, Georgia , and graduated from Northside High School in She then attended Auburn University. She worked in Columbus, Georgia as a training director after graduating from Auburn University and modeled locally for a variety of companies. Webb, who was then the girlfriend now wife of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron , gained national attention during the BCS National Championship Game telecast, in which announcer Brent Musburger talked about Webb when the broadcast image centered on her as she sat watching the game in the audience. Musburger referred to her as a "lovely lady" and "beautiful", and remarked to his broadcast partner, former quarterback Kirk Herbstreit , "You quarterbacks get all the good-looking women".

Part of NAM is working together as a team, making new friends and achieving goals! One of the Most exciting parts of National American Miss is hearing your name called as the winner! Walk the stage with grace and elegance in the gown of your dreams! Dress the part and speak your mind!!! Part of the National American Miss pageant is to introduce yourself on stage and meet one on one with our judges in the interview competition.

But Trump owned the pageant for nearly two decades, during which time he would have had the opportunity to come into contact with nearly 4, beauty queens. On the heels of the damaging videotape on which Trump and former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush salivated over Days of Our Live actress Arianne Zucker, and joked about sexually assaulting women , came allegations that Trump entered the Miss Teen USA changing room where girls as young as 15 were in various states of undress. Related The Year of the Woman: Some girls were topless. Others girls were naked.

At that point, Haskell had been the leader of Miss America for nine years, after rising through the ranks at a top Hollywood talent agency. When it came to one particular former, Haskell took his efforts so far that she lost her pageant coaching business. Tammy Haddad, a media consultant and D. And though Friedman was never a board member, he regularly sent offensive and sexist messages to Haskell, which Haskell often responded to by indicating he thought Friedman was funny or endorsed what Friedman was saying. For this story, HuffPost reviewed nearly three years of internal emails provided by two sources. They reveal a CEO who regularly wrote and responded to unprofessional, offensive emails about the women who poured their hearts into the pageants and the organization he was leading.

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