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The term "puma" does not apply to women before their 30s, and should never be confused with the titles "Cougar" Dating a puma wasn't so bad, Bob reflected. The term puma is tossed around a bit nowadays, and it's not just a brand of shoe. In , the push puma, dating, relationship, younger man.

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As you may recall, I recently wrote to ask you all whether I should swear off younger guys. While a few of you noted that younger guys seem less likely to be ready to settle down, less likely to get serious, the majority of you seemed to think that true wub knows no age boundaries.

As you may recall, I recently wrote to ask you all whether I should swear off younger guys. While a few of you noted that younger guys seem less likely to be ready to settle down, less likely to get serious, the majority of you seemed to think that true wub knows no age boundaries. Which is to say:

What Is a Puma as Compared to a Cougar in Regards to Dating?

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Dating is a norm in society that seems to appear normal, but there are actually many factors associated with it. The dating world had evolved, and different kinds of relationships are now accepted in society, as well as titles for women with preferences in men. The most popular terms for women are puma and cougar, and here is why they differ:. Puma are women who are in their late 20s and 30s and prefer to date with younger men in their 20s. Puma women are often actively visiting bars where they can find men in their 20s and have a sexual relationship. These women are most likely to have friends who are cougars and they spend their nights in bars looking for their young male lovers. Puma women tend to stay loyal to their relationship until they get the satisfaction they crave for in their current partner. Then move on to the next guy to desire satisfaction. Cougar are women in their late 40s and 50s who prefer to have sexual adventures with younger men under the age of 25 or men who are 10 years younger than them.

Megan Fox becomes a puma, she'll probably look like a jaguar. However, there are two conflicting definitions of a puma as the term refers to women and the word appears to have different meanings in the.

Since our world today continually giving labels to sexuality and preferences, it is considerable that people erroneously interchange them. There is a huge difference between, their age, preference and where they can be found. Sounds nasty but these are any mothers who have men that want to have sexual intercourse with them.

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So back to my Puma-hood. I decided to be open to dating, not having a relationship, with a younger man. Trying to find who I was and what I really wanted. So for the sake of research of course I was gonna do this. I mean I had an endless supply of younger suitors who were crazy about me. How nice is that! These guys worship you and the ground you walk on. They would do anything for you. The more time and attention you give them, the more they adore you. Ahhh … such a breath of fresh air after mr. Of course, just as fast as the fire flashes, it dies. But you take these experiences as they are … never expect anything more than what they are.

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Puma debuted its latest smartphone-connected self-lacing shoe called Fit Intelligence, or, "Fi," giving Nike's Adapt BB sneakers a run for their money. Puma released its first generation self-lacing shoes in But it says that the new Fi is powered by a "state of the art technology platform" that will allow your shoes to, uh, fit really well. Puma is reissuing a fitness-tracking 'smart shoe'. Fi will apparently power other smart footwear products. The shoes work with a small motor in the tongue of the shoe. Wearers can adjust the fit using their smartphone or Apple Watch.

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My girlfriends and I had this discussion while sitting on the beach during 4 th of July. What really is a cougar? She does not have the experience or wisdom as the Cougar, quit yet. She still has some more years of learning to do. Obviously these terms have become prevalent because of the large quantity of older women dating and marrying younger men. Times have definitely changed. I developed a new category of women who I believe are Lionesses.

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A puma is more than a sleek feline predator. It's also a slang term for a woman's dating life and, more specifically, the age of the partner she seeks. However, there are two conflicting definitions of a puma as the term refers to women and the word appears to have different meanings in the U. In the United States, a puma is regarded as a cougar minus ten years; she is defined as a woman in her 30s who prefers dating younger men. Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Aniston has long been associated with the term due to her relationships with younger men, most notably John Mayer nine years younger. Demi Moore , in an interview with W magazine in March at age 47 , expressed her displeasure with the cougar label and said, "I'd prefer to be called a puma," referring to her now defunct marriage to Ashton Kutcher who is 16 years younger than Moore. Despite Moore's attempt to use the terms interchangeably, a puma is widely regarded as a woman under 40 who prefers younger men while the cougar label is applied to women in their 40s and 50s who seek out younger male companions who are at least 10 years younger and often half their age. While May-December romances involving older men with younger women are par for the course, there is often a double standard when it comes to older women dating younger men, even when those women are just in their 30s.

What Is a Puma and a Cougar in Regards to Dating?

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In , the push for female autonomy is stronger than ever. Women are moving up the ranks in the workforce, fighting for a larger voice in politics, and freethenipple has become a global phenomenon. So why, in a society where women are clamouring loud and proud for equality, are we still uncomfortable with women dating or sleeping with younger men? Uncomfortable is actually the wrong word. Yep, I am a self-confessed puma. Not familiar with the term? I know what some of you are thinking:

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