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As long as the EGR system is functioning properly, it should have no noticeable effect on engine performance. But if the EGR system is leaking or inoperative, it can cause driveability problems, including detonation knocking or pinging when accelerating or under load , a rough idle, stalling, hard starting, elevated NOx emissions and even elevated hydrocarbon HC emissions in the exhaust. Exhaust gas recirculation reduces the formation of NOX by allowing a small amount of exhaust gas to "leak" into the intake manifold. This keeps combustion temperatures below degrees C degrees F to reduce the reaction between nitrogen and oxygen that forms NOx. To recirculate exhaust back into the intake manifold, a small calibrated "leak" or passageway is created between the intake and exhaust manifolds. Intake vacuum in the intake manifold sucks exhaust back into the engine.

How to Replace an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Tube

DuckDuckGo has been a profitable company since without storing or sharing any personal information on people using our search engine. As we like to say, what you search on EGR- exhaust gas recirculation, works by recirculating a portion of an engine's exhaust gas back to the engine cylinders. This dilutes the Oxygen in the incoming air stream and provides gases inert to combustion to act as absorbents of combustion heat to reduce peak in-cylinder temperatures.

In internal combustion engines, exhaust gas recirculation EGR is a nitrogen oxide emissions reduction technique used in petrol and diesel engines. Because nitrogen oxide forms primarily when a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen is subjected to high temperature, the lower combustion chamber temperatures caused by EGR reduces the amount of nitrogen oxide the combustion generates though at some loss of engine efficiency.

Gases re-introduced from EGR systems will also contain near equilibrium concentrations of nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide; the small fraction initially within the combustion chamber inhibits the total net production of these and other pollutants when sampled on a time average. Most modern engines now require exhaust gas recirculation to meet emissions standards. Chemical properties of different fuels limit how much EGR may be used. For example methanol is more tolerant to EGR than gasoline.

To reduce nox emissions. Other function is to increase mpg by acquiring some volume of cylinder this is done when on low loads when power is not needed. Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. Read more. What is the main purpose of EGR technology? Update Cancel. What is the revenue generation model for DuckDuckGo? You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answer Wiki. Answered Dec 17, Have you done the 10k year challenge?

Advance through the ages of human history and into the future in this award-winning city building game. Which is technically better for emissions: What is the purpose of the EGR valve? What is the function of EGR and why? What is the purpose of engine power? Related Questions What is the purpose of exhaust valve?

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Presuming you have the 32/36 - there is a blocked port on the side for the EGR. Mine has a metal cap on it. Dunno if the hole is threaded. All EGR valves are vacuum operated. The EGR vacuum diagram for your particular vehicle is displayed on the Vehicle Emission Control Information (VECI ) label.

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EGR Hookup/ TPI Vacuum Lines

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91 mustang gt egr vacuum lines

Quick links. How-to's and repair secrets for your 4WD can be found here. Have a question? Ask it in here! Mine has a metal cap on it. Dunno if the hole is threaded - maybe just stick a tube in it? Look at http: Tom M.

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Long Tube Headers With E.g.r. And Air Hook-up?

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can i use hi temp silicone on the egr hookup on my longtubes?

Car makers recycle exhaust gas back into the engine to reduce combustion temperatures and pollutants. However, in order to make the engine run smoothly car makers have to meter the recirculated exhaust, injecting it into the intake manifold only under the proper conditions. To do that, they have developed exhaust gas re-circulation EGR valves and sensors to detect how well the EGR valve is working. The sensing portion of the system is important because the exhaust contains soot, and that soot can clog up the metering portion of the EGR valve. When certain driving conditions are met and the computer wants exhaust gas recirculation, it provides a pulsing voltage to the electronic vacuum regulator EVR. The EVR is a solenoid valve.

91 mustang gt egr vacuum lines

Hey everyone, just a quick question: Also, does anyone know if those rules apply to a PCV breather? Stay tuned! I believe they do. Check the pictures though. See if there is a big plug on the left side if the headers, if you were looking at them head on. I'm sure they do, but just check.

EGR Vacuum Line Routing - Correct?

Title Hack text Have I helped you? Consider donating! The symptoms are a "stumble" and what feels like an erratic loss of power when cruising around at partial throttle. EGR means "Exhaust Gas Recirculation", the process of sucking exhaust gases back into the engine to re-burn them. It is a technique that reduces the pollutants emitted by the engine. There's a vacuum line coming off the intake manifold to the EGR actuator. The actuator is on the firewall and it's an electric device controlled by the PCM that modulates how much vacuum pressure gets past it.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

In the 's, the automotive industry experienced a renaissance with the invention and introduction of the exhaust gas recirculation EGR system. Smog is essentially nitric oxides, or unburnt fuel in the form of NoX. The EGR system is able to take unburnt fuel that comes from the exhaust manifold and recirculate the molecules into the intake manifold. This allows the engine to consume less "new fuel" which increases fuel economy and also significantly reduces vehicle emissions. The component that distributes these unburnt fuel molecules to the intake is known as the EGR tube. The EGR tube itself is designed to last a very long time.

Hey guys, really wanting to add some headers to my daily driver. And because its my daily driver is why I decided to choose the simplicity of the shorts over the long tubes, and yes I am aware of the difference. My question is, with my truck being 5 yrs old now, and km on it, im affraid of all the bolts breaking when i go to take them out on the manifold. This being said, I am wondering if the headers will be worth all the potential trouble. Anyone added headers to their nbs sierra or silverado with similar millage to chime in?? I'd be concerned about snapping some manifold bolts.

How An EGR Valve Works
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